[COMPLETED] Extended downtime notification - 2020/05/26

Hi everyone,

There will be an extended downtime on Tuesday, 26 May while we roll out the exciting new content in Invasion Chapter 3 as part of the Eclipse quadrant, along with the Forsaken Fortress update and assorted other changes and fixes. Patch notes will be published on this page when downtime commences.

Downtime will start at the usual time of 11:00 UTC and may last up to an hour, although as always if work is completed earlier then Tranquility will be back online as soon as it’s ready.

We will keep you updated on the progress in this thread and via the EVE Status Twitter account.


TQ is online accepting connections!

The deployment of the Invasion Chapter 3 has started! While you are waiting for Tranquility to be back online, please read the full patch notes.


Big hype!! Super excited to see what happens!

Plus, if the chat channels and Local all go down again tomorrow, we can just blame the Triglavs! lol


Will you be mirroring accounts onto Singularity during this downtime?

Why have no patch notes been released yet, CCP? What bad news are you hiding from us?

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You can see them all for yourself here: https://www.hoboleaks.space/

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Can’t wait to see abandoned player citadels getting popped left and right on Zkill…


Any idea what these “Scout, Executive, etc” things are?

What patch notes do you mean?

The Capsuleer Day Clash event has begun! (2020-05-07)

Is still ongoing! YaY!

Probably something to do with the event where you side with / against EDENCOM / Triglavians.

The doomsday clock starts tomorrow!


probably not… the two are not in sync with patches… last mirror was just 2 months ago… its usually 3 -4 months between mirrors.

Should be interesting :heart:

Really looking forward to this :slight_smile:

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Yesss!!! More colours for the dots!!!


You really want to excite me then un-nerf all the ships. You detune worthy ships to marginal to make it comparable to ships that weren’t worth having to start with, dump the duds or tweak them instead.


I say nerf trig ships


If you could get in early and move the time to UTC +9 then for the Kiwis and Aussies it could start today :slight_smile:

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Look up what power creep is and why it is bad.


You just know that when they don’t release the patch notes before the update it’s going to be one to really piss off the community. Not expecting good things as usual.


뭘하든 항상 기대를 가지고 기다립니다 화이팅 CCP

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