[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 10.11.2020

Good day, space friends!

Our monthly release (Version 18.11) is just around the corner and with all the various changes that will be deployed to Tranquility tomorrow, 10 November, we need to extend the daily maintenance. The necessary work will take up to 40 minutes and we expect to start accepting connections by 11:40 UTC at the latest.

Please plan your sessions accordingly and do check this thread and EVE Status Twitter for updates.




Tranquility is back online accepting connections. Fly safe, everyone o7

First startup and work has been completed. We are moving to the next phase and restarting Tranquility.

Downtime has started. We will restart Tranquility a few times today during the maintenance but the goal is to be finished by 11:40 UTC at the latest. I will let you know if we are going to be done sooner but in the meantime, please take a moment to check today’s full patch notes.

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Will the ESS changes be deployed at this date ?

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ESS ???


So… what’s included in this release ?

patch notes will be released at downtime, as always

Among other things, tomorrow we will see the supercarrier changes, Encounter Surveillance System and Dynamic Bounties updates. Full patch notes will go live at downtime :slight_smile:



In this unpdate, In light of the recent actions from their old foe the triglavians, the Drifters will finally launch a full scale invasion of wormhole space to amalgamate the last remnants of slumbering Jove from the sleeper VR caches throuout Anoikis.

In response the Society of Conscious Thought with assistance from the Sisters Of Eve will dispatch fleets to assist in the entosis and rescue of those still in the core AI substrate while holding the line against advanced Drifter forays.

Still no dressing up of corpses then?


Are you fixing belts yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder what could these other things be…

RIP old, fw free null.

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maybe it even brings back EVE music in stations !

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Are we gonna lose another 7 million skill points with this update or are you guys gonna lose/steal them again!! I have all the screen shots to prove my story side; you had NONE, but your so-called word and saying no body here would do that.
See I have all the actual screen shots of not only EVE server, but 3rd party servers reporting the same. CCP can lie to player community, but I have all the screen shots to prove I am STILL missing them after months of CCP LYING.
So again are we gonna gonna be missing/stolen another 7 million skill points as we mostly have missed skill points in the past.
Yes, I am still EXTREMELY PISSED off over CCP LIES and SERVER failure to player loses. This is not the first time it happened it happens to frequently, just not 7 million like it did last time.


On behalf of myself and the dozens of players living in high sec, please explain the situation with Triglavian NPC gate camping fleets in systems, where wormholes leading to Pochven have appeared. The mentioned fleets are very strong, they receive reinforcements during the fight - they are a serious threat in high sec systems. At the same time - there is no information anywhere about why these Triglavian fleets are hunting traveling players at the gates, although in theory they should guard the entrance to the wormhole. There is no system warning that a wormhole leading to Pochven has appeared in the system and therefore, there may be an ambush from Triglavian.

Dozens of players lose their ships and assets because they are not able to initiate a jump faster than Triglavian NPCs almost instantly locking Capsuleer ships and applying warp scrabmlers (and whole load of other e-war too).

Simply, CCP - be honest with us, players: announce officially that these Triglavian fleets are behaving as they should (and this will mean that you have quietly organized mini Triglavian invasions in several systems at once, not considering it appropriate to give any mention of such a very, but very important change in high sec), or deny and inform us that something with these fleets is not working as it should and explain the situation.

Really, a lot of players are looking for an explanation of what is happening with Triglavian fleets in systems with wormholes leading to Pochven. Please behave in a responsible and mature way and let the players know what is happening.


It is pretty much obvious. It is working as intended by CCP. :psyccp: :psycsm:

Invasion never ends, it just goes further without notification.


I concur.