[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/06/24

We are planning on upgrading soon (tm! ha!) - And you are right, this is one of several DB boxes we’ll be evaluating to see which direction we should be going.

Do we want hundreds of low clock speed cores, or mere dozens of high clock speed cores.

And speaking of speed… today was our first automated DT since putting this AMD box into production mid week, and not surprising, it is our fastest DT in over 4 years!


I asked what would improve tidi not will this upgradr/test improve tidi.

what about storage, is the database on SSD’s drivers? that switch often requires a new SAN device because you can’t simply pull out hard drives from a RAID array :)))

Most of the DB is on SSD already, but we have some secondary files with low frequency data on a pool of spindle disks (100+ disks). More fun news on that to come as well!


Try a huge raspberry PI cluster, such fun. :slight_smile:

I do hope in your Updates, you include a fix for Overview Language settings. All my Interface is in proper English, EXCEPT the Overview column headings, which are in Japanese! . All the settings state English, I have un-installed / re-installed Eve game, and it still persists. I don’t mind playing other games that don’t suck my wallet dry, but I do love eve, this Bug just makes playing less enjoyable, and difficult.

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You do know this is a downtime thread from two months ago, right? Like… CCP isn’t monitoring it anymore, so there is virtually zero chance of your feedback being seen.

Submit a bug report, and bring it up in the Issues, Workarounds, and Localizations section of the forum to see if anyone else has seen this behavior and has a fix for it.