[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/06/24

I cant stay connected right now. Is there some issue happening?

I don’t know what the spec is but my grandmother who plays Solitaire like a religion, runs a bingo club and stores her recipes on her computer, has one just like that!

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yeah i was also thinking that but i didnt want to say it… z15, or Oracle Exadata…
@CCP_DeNormalized, can you send us a random screenshot of current cpu load on that Ryzen at this time of day? is it holding? is the load balanced across all the cores?

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we’ve dropped from 30% CPU to well under 10% - at this time of day things are typically calm - CPU is rarely balanced across cores due to the nature of how SQL works - it could using a single core for a call or a parallel plan that would hit multiple cores.

I can say that we’re seeing much more balanced NUMA nodes (groups of cores) which is one of the major things we were after here compared to our old setup


“we’ve dropped from 30% CPU to well under 10%”

this is very nice…k let’s wait and see how it performs in 2 hours from now, we will stress it a bit… is there a way to dedicate a group a cores to a constellation or to a group of solar sistems? dunno how to translate my question to a world of querys :slight_smile:

What about on a CCP stream one day just having that up for a few moments; along with a lot of tech talk about how our universe is powered (within reason obviously)?

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We’ll do a devblog at a minimum and have had other people mention a stream… will look into it further!

CCP RAM and I did a presentation a few years ago at fanfest - it’s a mix of how we came to CCP and daily Operational tasks/tech talk at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8rGZCj6rgQ


Might be of interest if ever considering to change to PostgreSql.

Probably outperforms MSSql.

It is for a reason large enterprises use either Oracle or MySQL for their databases.


Everyone, following the successful DB tests today we won’t be needing the extra time tomorrow and are cancelling the extended downtime. Fly safe o7


But … But … I will miss our talks!

lol. Keep up the good work

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Having just had a squint at my pricing… Jesus wept.
I hope that sales guy is sending you a decent bottle of whisky at Christmas.

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What will the community see in terms of real world change over these upgrades? Curious, from a not super technical standpoint.

Earlier CCP developer comments in this thread highlighted database fetch performance improvements, especially for content like the market. This is basically a production test of the hardware (it’s on loan from their vendor) to see how much benefit the upgrade would offer - the kind of thing Sisi cannot be used for because it depends on high-volume data and player activity to assess. We should see a devblog in the nearish future about the results of the testing. Looking forward to it!

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Thanks for your response, that’s cool. Jita seems to have been on fire lately, so I’m sure it will help. Hope the test works out.

VIP mode is the term the networking equipment needs to be in before accepting connections and going full multi-user, iirc… i think

I would like to know what kind of benefits we are going to experience after this upgrade?

  • Internet connection stability?
  • Faster gate jumps?
  • Less fps drop/stutter whilst fighting on a crowded grid?
  • Robust server stability against Ddos?
  • No weird sound effect which comes from d-scan? (it might be related?)
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Please read up even just a few posts and you will see this answered already.

What would improve big fight performance for less tidi?

really guys scroll up and read posts. TIDI won’t be improved, but the workers in Jita market will strike less if you want the fast, dirty, half drunk tech geek version

This is not a upgrade. Devs got their hands on rented pice of hardware from dealer, manufacturer, whatever… and they tested it on TQ database to see how it will behave. As far I understand there is no plans for upgrade yet. We will get dev blog when data will be analyzed and maybe there we will get some informations if they will consider to moving over AMD hardware in terms of database.

Also, database is not a bottleneck for TIDI. But if someone can’t put 30 seconds of their time to read posts of a dev in here, probably will be even less interested in trying to understand how things works.