CONCORD Yulai Station

We all know the memorable day of 110YC when the Eldar fleet attacked and destroyed the Yulai station taking the CONCORD network offline that lead to the The Elder War and the State Conquer of Caldari Prime.

Years have passed and yet Yulai station the political hub of the galaxy and the Headquarters of the CONCORD assembly still lies in shambles, as a symbol that CONCORD isn’t all knowing and all powerful.

I think the time has come for the reconstruction/rebuilding of the CONCORD Headquarters, capabilities to achieve this objective are bigger than just a few years ago, the past where CONCORD wielded limited power is over because in recent years their authority has grown alongside that of inter-stellar trade, which is becoming more important by the day throughout the world of New Eden.

Growing bureaucracy and increase of tasks demand new infrastructure that is needed for CONCORD to do its job well. There’s also the Yulai Graveyard that deserves its own memorial to the fallen on both sides.


In my opinion, keeping the damaged parts of the station while the station itself is in usable condition is a perfect memorial to what happened. Why erase history? What happened, happened, and letting the scars show is not shameful, it is acknowledging the past.


To have a scar is one thing, another is to hide it, another is to publicize it.

For some, certain wounds have not healed sufficiently so that they can be exposed to the memory made manifest of a site, a statue or a person.

For some, the exposure is a lesson and an eternal reminder for others that what happened could happen again,

For some, it is something that is there, not a constant alarm nor a buried memory, but a part of them that belongs to their journey but does not define it.

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