Humble Address to CONCORD, Inner Circle Et Al

Following the two petitions in these very forums regarding Lord Sarum’s orders of reclaiming, it is clear there are pertinent legal issues that require address and clarification.

As a Holder in my own right, these legal issues affect myself and those of my political class, specifically regarding what rights under the Yulai Treaty and the CONCORD War Powers Act obligations we have with regards to Reclaiming by enslavement non-combatant individuals within the designated warzone, Amarrian Scripture and Decree laws regarding Holder Rights not withstanding.

As such I, Utari Onzo-Gallius, the Lord Gallius, do hereby humbly address CONCORD, DED, The Inner Circle Et Al to clarify the following question:

“Under the terms and conditions of the Yulai Treaty, War Powers Act and all related CONCORD regulations and requirements the Amarr Empire is party to, what is the law regarding the enslavement of non-combatant individuals within the designated warzone area?”


A note to other parties;

I make no intention to engage in any Reclaimation by Enslavement within the warzone myself, but instead use my position within one of the affected parties to seek legal clarification on the issue at hand as it stands for all others within my class (Amarrian nobility).

This address seeks to neither back, nor oppose, any of the ongoing petitions but solely asks all relevant authorities to clarify officially the legal question regarding Lord Sarum’s orders as per those CONCORD obligations the Amarr Empire is party to. It should not be seen as an endorsement, or criticism, of any other address or petition to any other party.

If this Humble Address fails to result in an answer to this legal question, I reserve the right to seek further remedy in the courts and/or tribunals where deemed necessary.


On behalf of the Empire’s Caldari State allies, I express support for this address. Public clarification is needed in order that commanders may properly advise State personnel as to whether or not support of these actions may be provided legally, and in good faith.

~ Signed, Dr Kebbert Tsukino
Adjutant, State War Academy
Professor of Applied Combat Logistics Theory


If you change this petition to make it so CONCORD actually decides to donsomething about anything or disbands itself, I might sign.

I’m not after extra signatures, this isn’t a petition requiring public support but a legal question being issued in my individual capacity as a member of an affected class. I merely seek an answer to the question given the many many different interpretations of the law by various parties here. It’ll possibly clarify the current debate, but more importantly also address how it affects myself in my capacity as a Holder and a Capsuleer.


I’m honestly curious to see if anyone will actually answer you that has any authority.

I’m mean, I’m fairly certain they give a flip about your demand, but miracles do happen.

The Inner Council is in session to “discuss the legal status of planetary operations in the occupied warzones of the CEMWPA administered systems along the Caldari-Gallente and Amarr-Minmatar borders”.


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