About so-called "rights", CONCORD, Triglav and Alton Haveri. An open letter

Mr. Haveri!

I have watched recently your report on a Triglavian Collective’s takeover of New Eden’s billboards. And if my translators got it right, you have said that

I do agree that CONCORD are servants of the people, and I myself do have a desire to know what they have learned about the Triglavians. But, excuse me, what makes you claim that anyone and You in particular have so-called “right” to get this information?

As CONCORD serves us, they release the information on a need-to-know basis, which is a typical doctrine for military, paramilitary and security operations. And if they don’t release it, it means you don’t need to know. Would you care to show your need to know and how this information will be vital to you?

But, of course, you don’t claim you need this information. You claim you have “right” to it. Which implies that somehow you’re entitled to this information. And what, excuse me, makes you entitled to it, except for your desire for it?

The whole idea behind any so-called “right” is just a baseless claim of a person to be entitled to something they haven’t earned yet. And the whole system that is based on these “rights” is nothing but a sham. And that’s why your claim for a “right” made me write this letter.

It is quite logical that any baseless claim of entitlement to something you aren’t entitled to will make the holding party quite unwilling to making you offers. As someone who is genuinely interested in obtaining this information, I believe your blatant poking of CONCORD with such false concept of “right” is only counterproductive, since instead of showing how this information can be useful, you simply tease them, daring to claim that by some miraculous wonder you’re just entitled to it out of blue.

Please cease and desist.

Sincerely annoyed,
D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

Don’t engage this. It’s a trap.


Speaking about this so-called “right”, it’s quite curious why Mr. Haveri believes he earned this “right”?
How many times he himself went into Abyssal space?

There are many capsuleers who do that on a daily basis. There are even more number of baseline crewmembers jumping into Abyss, risking their life, doing it over and over again. They might have earned to get this information, to know why they are risking (though, lets admit, most of them take the risk just for their captain to become richer). But what have Mr. Haveri done? How did he earn this information before he speaks about these “rights”?

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