Confessor and Legion uses?

I’ve recently gotten back into the game and trained up to use the Confessor and Legion, having heard good things about them both. Now that I can actually use them, I find myself wondering “what for?” Being a bit rusty and totally new to T3, I’m a little clueless as to what kind of potential these have. Could anyone sum up their strengths, weaknesses, and what they’re good at?

So you trained for something you know nothing about and possibly don’t even have a use for?

Legion… 100MN Ham or Double 1600 Plated HAM.

For PVP ofcourse…


For armor tanks they both have a really good base resistance profile.

The confessor has the largest base-speed of any T3D and among the best align time. Since the optimal range bonus is bound to the Sharpshooter mode, you’ll find it difficult to mimic a Slicer. If you solve the usual cap issues, you have a brutal solo PVP ship that can take on larger targets in close combat.

The legion is super versatile, decent damage and application and can be a nice neut platform. Surely good for solo or as support in groups. Pretty nice fitting space I’d say.

I read a little, heard about them here and there. I knew they lined up with my playstyle and wouldn’t be a waste of my time, but I lacked specifics.

We lack the specifics to help you


The T3 ships are flexible hulls - they can change what they are based on the need for it at the time.
(Hulls - we at talking about the hull bonuses and structure here, not “but I can swap modules out”).

The Strategic Cruiser can be changed for a specific purpose - though they can’t do it without changing modules and components around. So a ship you use for scanning anomalies can then be reconfigured to a combat ship to fight in those anomalies. Or a cloaked, spy spy ship can be changed to allow it to efficiently ambush a target. Strategic because the change has to be delivered as a piece of forward planning - take the right bits for the change, plan where and how you will change. But one flexible hull.

The Tactical ships are able to change within a limited set of options as required, from a fast hull to a defence focuses hull, to a damage dealers. They can do this during a fight - indeed if you are not exploiting this ability to use the tactical destroyer’s flexible then you are fighting with one arm tied behind your back.
Tactical because you can react without forward planning (loose definitions of complex concepts).
Use speed to close rapidly under the gun range of a big target, flip to damage to start demolishing them, defence mode if it gets a bit hot and you need to give more strength to your active tank. Change to suit what you need now rather than making a committment.

T3 is really the wrong term - it’s just a shorthand people use for situationally reconfigurable hulls.

The advantages of this are balanced by their not being as effective as a highly specialised T2 ship - so a Legion isn’t as effective as a Sacrilege, but the Sac. is only ever a heavy assault ship. Specialist verses a good generalist.

The legion is so versatile that its strengths, weaknesses, and use depend wholly on how you fit it.

The confessor is a great ship for solo / small gang pvp, it’s used a lot in FW, non-FW low sec, null sec and wormholes. In w-space t3 destroyers are specifically used to hit targets through frig sized wormholes, and the confessor really shines in a wormhole with a wolf-rayet effect.

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