Confirmed - Angel Cartel Gang Attempting to Recreate Relic Engine Modifications

“In December, YC 124, the bowhead-class ship, The Scorpion’s Den, also one of New Eden’s latest hotspot and nightclub, was hijacked during an emergency undock procedure in the Luminaire War Memorial station orbiting what was once known as Caldari Prime. As the owner and Capsuleer, Scorpion Six, attempted to clear the station after an industrial capacitor ruptured coolant near the capital ship, his controls were overridden by an unknown source. The vessel headed into the nearby ship graveyard, where repair drones captured a pic of a ship of unknown class emerge from the wreckage of one of the ancient Gallente battleships. It was carrying some type of white ring in its forward graspers as it approached The Scorpion’s Den, and signaled one of the massive repair bays to open. Ship security was dispatched to the bay in an attempt to stop the boarding, as technicians and engineering teams tried to re-establish helm controls back to the Capsuleer. When last heard from, the security team reported they were using breaching charges to blow open the sealed doors to the maintenance bays. After locating a device attached to one of the control harnesses, Scorpion Six and his crew were able to regain control of the vessel; but not before the boarders attempted to make use of the vessel’s industrial fabricators for reasons unknown at that time. Video surveillance inside the bay showed a team exiting the mysterious ship wearing suits with the Angel Cartel’s logo clearly marked on them. Surprisingly, five members of the security team that breached the bay joined the Cartel members as they brought the fabricator online and attempted to replicate the strange relic they brought in with them. When the fabricator failed, the now ten-person team evacuated the bay and were last seen heading out of system. Bowhead-class vessels carry industrial fabricators which are used to repair or replace sections of a starship up to large sizes. It was later discovered that the remaining members of the security team were executed by their fellows during the incident. Scorpion Six has offered a reward for information regarding the hijacking device and the item taken from the ancient wreck.”

  • Scope News Report, YC 124

January 10, YC 125
So I’ve put out feelers and spoke with my contacts in the area to discover why my ship was used in such an overt display of criminal activity. Of course I reported the incident to CONCORD and the DED, but that didn’t answer what really happened, but there were some things I kept out of my report, too. Like the half-formed ring we pulled out of the fabber’s hopper. It’s nowhere near the size of the original and perhaps it’s a secondary part to the one they had?

I did at least find out a few answers, but they just opened up more questions. First, we learned that the device used had been installed during the ship’s construction. It was part of a “remote backup” System in the event something were to happen to the Capsuleer. It never worked properly, but ORE engineers never removed the whole system from bowheads built during that run. Somehow, the Angel Cartel was able to activate part of the system and issue orders to the AI Assist modules. It was like suddenly being out of control of your own body. I watched that freakish-looking ship pull up to the side of us and vent the entire bay into open space, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. We lost 16 maintenance people in there, plus the other half of the security team sent to seal off the bay. At first I thought they had been responsible for the hijacking, but they weren’t. Instead, they knew how to operate the fabricators (“fabbers” for short), and were quite knowledgeable for mere ship security. Second, I learned (after some research and matching it up with some ancient manuscripts found at a Yan Jung relic site) that the device they had both liberated and attempted to manufacture was some Yan Jung engine modification - apparently unique to the wreckage they plundered. As to its purpose? That’s still unknown, but it manipulates gravity in a manner similar to the way tractor beams and webbers do. But as to specifics, I’m at a loss.

Since the event took place when the Den was supposed to have its grand opening, we rescheduled it after we had refitted the ship - removing all parts related to the remote system (with the generous assistance of ORE engineers) - and finishing off construction of the three-level club and hotel, which also carries the name of the ship. I’ve spoken with several other Capsuleers and they’ve begun looking into this incident. Whatever the Angel Cartel is up to, including the hijacking of the Esperance, I can’t help but wonder when they may reappear.

Yesterday, on January 24, YC 123, Capsuleer Toxik Dog encountered a vessel matching the image and description of the vessel that boarded The Scorpion’s Den, as previously mentioned. The encounter occurred in the Pettinck System, where Toxik Dog came across an abandoned wreckage that was being torn apart by swarms of drones, who looked like they were building another ship. After dispatching the construction drones, he saw the ship in question and pursued it to Pettinck X, when it fired a type of weapon that disrupted all of the ship’s systems for a short period. Returning fire, the Capsuleer scored a shot on the Cartel vessel’s engines, blasting a piece of the afterburner system free. Taking the piece on board, Toxik Dog discovered crystalline matter inside of it. Scorpion Six confirmed that this was similar, but not exactly, the same material found after the hacking/boarding incident. Consulting some ancient data stacks, it appeared the modifications were of Yan Jung design. So now this raises a new question: what is this group of Angel Cartel agents doing with Yan Jung tech, and what do they plan to do with it? The reward for additional information stands at this time.

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