The Scorpion’s Den Still Maintaining Neutrality

To assure everyone that despite my decision to take a stand to defend the only home I have known, The Scorpion’s Den will remain (as it always has) a vessel of neutrality. However, in order to protect the vessel and those on board, The Scorpion’s Den will NOT be making stops in the Caldari State until further notice. As always, the Den will remain a place for all-comers despite the shift in galactic politics. I have also decided that in order to maintain this neutrality the Den will not be used as an asset in any aggressions associated with the factional militias or imperial militaries. Rest assured that this is a place for everyone in the Cluster, not just Gallenteans, or Amarrians, or Caldari, or Minmatars, or those who fall outside the borders of the empires. As long as the state of aggression is left at the ship’s defense perimeter Capsuleers will still be able to dock and enjoy the fine amenities we have to offer. For those who can’t I urge you to reconsider your decision, and note that any acts of aggression against this vessel will be met in kind. Security has been increased until things between the empires settle down and a defensive fleet now watches over the Den when she is in transit. I thank you for your understanding and ask that cooler heads prevail in these uncertain times. Thank you for continuing to support and use the Den as a place for recreation, rest, recuperation, and to associate with our fellow Capsuleers.


UPDATE - The Scorpion’s Den is now freely able to move through Caldari space without fear of attack by Caldari Factional Militia members. This doesn’t change the rules, only allows us to keep maintaining our goal of being a place for all-comers that moves throughout empire space in high-sec. Just wanted to say thanks for the continued support and remember: Kepp the War at the Door! :saluting_face:

Do you admit in committing providing shelter to enemies of Caldari State?

That would mean anything but ‘neutrality’.

Depends on what you mean by “enemies”. Are we talking pilots who do not share allegiances with the State, or pilots who have committed crimes inside Caldari space? We do not harbor known criminals, nor grant them access to the ship’s facilities. Don’t need a flick-blade in the back. But we do allow all-comers as long as they behave. Those with low-security standings are watched more closely than those without. And anyone violating the rules of the Den will be punished in direct proportion to the violation. Attacking another pilot while on board results in an attack on the offender (if proven to have been unprovoked), and so on.

Second, apparently.

Those who do not share allegiance with the State are considered as Neutrals and in the State are treated as Honorable Guests.

Enemies are those who either hold allegiance to the group that openly means Harm to Caldari or Caldari State, or have Committed an act of Hostility (would it be Word or Deed) towards Caldari State, Caldari in general, or Caldari State military forces; provided that the fact of that act of Hostility is well Documented and can be verified.

Criminals are typically another group of violators and usually they’re handled by simple security forces.

Harboring a known Enemy of the State is way more severe crime than harboring a simple criminal offender.

I … see you’ve been attending the Queen Synthia School of Capitalization for Emphasis, Ms. Kim.

Looking forward to The Scorpion’s Den (or successor) reopening. I’ll have to make a point of visiting this next one before it explodes.

No, just no. No. Just stop…

I have a feeling it will be a successor. I imagine a scrapyard venue would kill the vibe for the patrons.
Well, the non-minmatar ones at least.

Well … businesses reopen under the same name in a new venue kind of all the time, though? I guess it depends on whether the proprietor wants The Scorpion’s Den to be the name of the club or the ship.

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