Come Visit The Scorpion’s Den Nightclub For Adventures Galore

2023-01-29T01:00:00Z Come visit The Scorpion’s Den nightclub and hotel for fun, drinks, entertainment, and intrigue. Please sign up on our Discord server and join the in-game chat channel “Scorpion’s Den” to experience more. Brokers often visit looking for capable Capsuleers and those with both talent and discretion. The location of The Den is found in the MOTD of the in-game chat channel, as it moves from one exotic location to another throughout high-sec. Hope to see you there!

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March 13, YC 125
The Scorpion’s Den will be making a stopover in the Intaki system for at least two weeks to help provide entertainment and respite for those serving the naval assets in place within the Intaki system. Since the unfortunate gate accident, which claimed over a thousand lives due to a computer error in the scattering system of incoming vessels, The Den has been fully repaired and added in some additional recreational amenities - to include a new gymnasium work out area with training drones, arenas, and variable-gravity strength and cardio training. Everyone is encouraged to come to the Intaki system and visit The Scorpion’s Den and its friendly and accommodating staff. The bowhead-class vessel is currently docked at the Federation Naval Infrastructure Station orbiting Intaki IV.

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