The Scorpion’s Den

One of New Eden’s hottest and uniquely fun nightspots, The Scorpion’s Den is both a nightclub and the name of the bowhead-class capital Fleet Tender it resides in. Aside from its ability to travel to exotic sites throughout New Eden, the three-level club provides a wide array of entertainment. From the standard bar and dance floor/stage on level one (complete with scorpion motif and a giant carcass of an Amarrian Blood-Scorpion hanging over the bar), to the obstacle course and fighting pits for Gen-modified scorpions to which patrons bet on outcomes on level two, and the exotic tropical atmosphere and relaxing fine-dining and enticing companions on level three, the Scorpion’s Den is a place designed for Capsuleers by Capsuleers. The owner of the unique venue, Scorpion Six, recently celebrated the hotspot’s grand opening. In addition to accommodating guests, the giant transport has docking and launching facilities, including massive repair bays big enough to handle battleship-class vessels, and provides hotel accommodations ranging from “capsule” rooms to luxury suites. Visitors access the lower levels of the club based on their reputation, and the decisions of the club’s staff and security. However, sleep accommodations (including companions for the evening) are open to all Capsuleers. But, the club is not restricted solely to Capsuleers, and Scorpion Six (along with his host of staff) regularly adjust the strength of the various drinks and other intoxicants to non-elevated humans. Every week, The Scorpion’s Den is moved to another exciting, but undisclosed (until arrival) location, so visitors may awe at the sights and wonders of our universe. The Den is open to all and operates around the clock. Those wishing to visit the Den virtually may do so (complete with full-body hologram projection) from the comfort of ship or shore.


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