Heist Aboard The Scorpion's Den

The Scorpion’s Den, home to the nightclub of the same name, is not just another hotspot amongst others. It also carries out various other features as well as hosting the Galaxy’s hottest, greatest, and most popular capsuleers of New Eden. One of them is security in the form of secure transport and storage of unique and rare items for those who wish to keep their existence secret. But what happens when one of the toughest secure vaults is found not only cracked open, but the large gem inside gone? Come visit and see. Look for hidden clues and pursue one of the most notorious thieves in the region. Recovery is paramount, and whomever manages to recover the stolen relic will receive a hefty reward.

Date and Time: 2023-02-09T01:00:00Z
Number of Attendees: unlimited
Location: The Scorpion’s Den bowhead-class ship (join “Scorpion’s Den” channel to learn of the ship’s current location in high-sec
Length: 4+ hours

that “hefty reward” thing is a matter of interpretation, so , what are we talking about here, in terms of, this so called reward?

The reward will be commensurate with the type of information found, clues located, and even recovery of the stolen item itself and the perpetrator behind it. This can range from ISK all the way to special modules or custom-manufactured items or even relic items and ancient skill books. It really depends on what type of information is found and how far it advances the investigation.

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