Ganking defence?

Is there any real defence against being ganked?

So - I was just finishing up a Lvl2 Security mission in low sec flying my nice shiny Scorpion Navy (yes i know …) - when i got jumped, tackled and blown away. Allowed to make a run for it in my pod - which I’m very greatful for. I’ve lost ships before - but this was the first time PVP.

No complaints.

My question is - is there any real defence against being tackled? Any mod I could have fitted? Or just run-like-el at the first sign of trouble? Any advice welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Low sec it’s not really called ganking. Ganking is normally short hand for suicide ganking.
However, use smaller fast ships and warp to safe spots at first sign of trouble.
In low sec, baring friends also on standby, pretty much no way once tackled.

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By going to lowsec you simply agree to PvP. There is no single reason to go doing missions in lowsec unless your corp/alliance controls that are of space.

Increase in payout is minimal to increase in risk.

Also, why scorpion? This is not best or defective ship for missions especially for sniping.

Your safety tool is d-scan and local. If you see someone in local, you use d-scan to find combat probes. If you see them you bounce. In mission pocket they need to scan you to be able to warp in.

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Thank you - the mission was offered in Hi-Sec by the Cheif Executive Panal - didn’t want to decline and lose chance for future missions.

I agree not the best ship - but I just wanted to try it out - for fun.

Thanks for the tip - I’ll lookup a couple of d-scan videos. Not something I’ve used before.

Thanks - its a bit of a learning curve - good advice.

You can decline a mission without penalty from a given agent once every 4 hours. Most players who run missions as a significant part of their gameplay will work out of a mission hub with several agents in close proximity so they can simply move to a different agent if they need to decline a mission.

Battleships are a poor choice for level 2 missions - very little of the damage potential of large weapons is actually applied to small fast ships. On the other hand, their weapons apply 100% of their damage potential against your large, slow battleship.

You can easily run level 2 missions in an assault frigate or a tactical destroyer. Hawk and Jackdaw are roughly the same price - maybe 1/8 the cost of your Navy Scorpion with a T2 fit - and a lot more fun to fly.

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In low sec, your best defence against ganks is not to be caught in the first place. Ideally you only run missions when there is nobody else in system. This may not always be feasible, if you decide to run missions (or any other form of PVE) anyways, make sure to check the killboards of anybody that shows up in local to watch out for known PVPers and watch d-scan like a hawk. Fly a ship that aligns quickly (cruisers, not battleships), and GTFO the moment you spot anything closing in.

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Thank you - alll great advice - A Hawk it is then

What? You agree to PvP the moment you undock, even if you do in high sec…


Here are your defense options:

  1. Always check directional scanner every few seconds. If you are in an anomaly or mission with gates, check 1 AU. Once there is something… get out and dock up or cloak. This will make you avoid getting warp disrupted in the first place, which is usually the best defense!
  2. If you get warp disrupted then you are already in a bad situation… but you can try to align out and once aligned use your micro jump drive to jump 100km… out of warp disrupt range and immediately warp away.
  3. Clever enemies will warp scramble your from short range, this will also disable your micro jump drive. So the only solution is to use (medium) neutralizers (one, better two cascaded with the time difference of a halve cycle) to cap the enemy out. Will only work if if the enemy is in a frigate and has not proper nosferatu or cap booster charges in place.
  4. Final option is to use ECM drones or light drones or any other kind of damage to kill the tackling ship before the reinforcement arrives… but chances are slim to do so.
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If you got skills enough a Moa is even cheaper then a hawk and will blaze thru lvl 2’s with ease, low sec should be avoided for missions frankly because it’s not worth risking it.

If you do enjoy being the object of attraction you can keep going there but believe me once they find your mission pocket they will never leave it and wait all day and all night just to get you, knowing this your better off just PVP’ing because that is mostly what low sec is for IMO.

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No. Just no. Ganking is just ganking, suicide ganking is a special case. Just because many people talk about suicide ganking, does not make it the only way to gank people.

so yes if they are several people ganking him in LS, it’s … ganking.

By playing Eve online you agree to PVP. I did missions in NS and was never ganked. Yes I knew what I was doing, yes I had constant dscan spam, yes I was ready to warp to safe.

well that’s two issues - bad ship, and going lowsec. scorpion NI is bad for lower level, go RNI or better railgun ship for projection.

I thought the same then looked at the value. The fury cruise have so bad explosion velocity that they can’t even apply % on a BS - with rigor T2 . I have perfect missiles skills and all 5 BS BTW (besides amarr IV only).


I agree and would add that going lowsec does not increase the agent reward.

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Thank you to everyone - some great advice here - definitely going to figure out D-Scan.

Everyone gave you good advice, but I wanted to add this:

Location, location, location…doing anything in lowsec is a matter of how much activity goes on in that system and what time that activity takes place.

My advice is to get used to using the statistics section of the ingame map and an out of game resource, like zkill, since you are already familiar with it.

When deciding to enter lowsec, for whatever reason, check the map and zkill. Some lowsec systems are empty most of the time, others are hot beds of activity practicially all of the time. There are a handful that are “brand names”…say someone mentions Tama in conversation, most EVE players are going to know “there be pirates here”.

So, check these resources as well prior to your trip. They can help inform the decisions you make. If the system you’re interested in shows as a hot spot on the statistics section of the ingame map…check zkill, a gate camping group may have set up shop, so you know to either avoid or delay your trip, or decline a mission.

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… which is shorthand for suicide gang-killing.

OP: If you are running missions in high sec, decline all missions that send you to low sec. They are not worth the risk - especially level 2 missions, but not level 3 or 4, either.

If you want to do stuff in low sec, you need to specifically prepare for that. It may be a little advanced for your level if you are set on doing PVE.

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They do apply on battleships… if they turn on mwd or have some shield extenders installed… personally I tend to use missile boats with precision scripts - tends to work better as then furies actually can apply (a bit…). At least it ain’t as bad as torpedoes.

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Some hulls attract Pirates and they stop at nothing to kill them. You should not fly them unless you’re looking to fight.

Pirates pre-scan anomalies and fly covert ops ships to get near enough to you to have a tackle warp right on top of you.

There is ZERO you could have done to save that sweet ballsack Scorpion from taking a beating…

Except leave a system with zero local every time someone pops in and farts.

A lot of good advice in here. I wanted to throw in a tool that I use:

The way it works is you click in your local list and hit control+A to select all the peeps, then control+C to copy then you paste it into that website I linked above and you can get a list of everyone in local and links to their killboards. It’s one of the main tools I use to do PVE and survive in lowsec. It’s a game changer and it’s also not against the rules or anything.

Also, side note, make sure you have combat probes on your overview so you can see if you’re being probed with d scan.

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This is good for some things but I think it’s bad advice for a really valuable ship.

Pirates will NOT put probes out for the reason it causes panic.

You really have to just cater the ship to lowsec.

I can kill all clone soldiers in a 10m isk Vexor from 120km away.
.nobody is killing me in that thing and even if they did I’d go take a crap while it happened and not care. Its 10m isk.

Even a garmur would take 20seconds to burn from zero to me. And they are the most dangerous solo tackle in lowsec in my opinion.

And with drone speed mods you launch some lights and risk killing him on his way in, disengaging him, or you just leave your drones and warp out with your 6s align time.

Distance = life
Speed = options

That a lowsec life for the prey.