Confirmed SOLD

I’m retiring a couple of my characters so lezzzzzz go!

109,122,106 SP
Too much stuff to list so check out the link. Lots of 5’s Great CRAB pilot Isk maker Nyx skills or PVE/PVP Dreads and Carrier dropper. Black Ops Hunter or Dropper, Pretty much anything combat you want to do really.

Positive Isk Balance
Positive Security Status
Located in Dodixie
Member of NPC Corp
No Kill Rights

Has High Grade Clone

Start 90bil
Buyout 120bil

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76bil buy out. isk in hand

Just a bit too low

i’ll bump to 78.

80b offer

We are getting closer! 5’s for days =)

81b offer

I will accept the first 90bil buyout for a quick sale today

85b b/o

I’ll take 85bil now. Send ISK and transfer account info

Sent thanks

Isk recieved and transfer initiated, thank you!

Confirmed thanks

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