I’m for sale.


Great explorer
Great drone pilot
Excellent small ship pilot
Hulk Pilot as well

I’m looking for a fast sale. Buyout: 33bil

25b ))))

26 bil!!

27b :smiley:

Thanks for the bids :smiley:

I’ll accept 30bil if the buyer is Australian :smiley: hahahhaa

Hank I’ll offer 28 bil BO. ISK ready

Can you confirm if your using cash or Plex for transfer?

Thanks but i’m not accepting that low,

I will be using plex.

Ok 30 bil final offer.

Not going to lie and say I’m an Ausi but I’m sure to have relatives down under :sunglasses:

Haha. Ok, screw it.

30bil accepted, send isk and mail me the account name.


30bil ISK sent and account details mailed. Please confirm when transfer started.

Haha, i scammed you :smiley:

Kidding, support ticket opened for transfer.


Thank you

Character transfer completed.

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