Conflicting info out there - exactly how dangerous is Evolution L4 Storyline mission?

I’m racking up a few storylines and running them to improve faction standings.

I was assigned Evolution. (Haven’t accepted yet.)

The info out there sounds scary between the insane number of scramming frigates and the insane incoming DPS.

If I ran this in a Golem with 2,300 rep with each SB pulse, and MJD’ed the second I landed, would this be safe? Time isn’t a concern. I’m willing to fire Javalin torps from 90km out all day long if I have to.

Curious if anyone has run this site recently (including bonus pocket), and if both pockets allow you enough time to MJD before you get scrammed.


Well, the first (and only room you need to complete to finish) is hard, but doable, especially with a MJD at range. There are plenty of drones, but the fast ones will well outpace the heavy hitting "royalty’ BS drones, giving you plenty of time to take them out at range in a piecemeal manner. Don’t know if Torps would be my main choice to do this mission due to the frigs, I think I have completed it several times in both a rail (ugh!) Kronos and a cruise missile Golem.

The bonus room is also doable, except the dps is far higher and the enemy ships move much faster. If a full room agro get going, I found the DPS was the highest I found in any other Level 4 mission I’ve run. So if you want to play it safe, warp into the first room, mjd away and bastion up (could also mjd and then kite if you wanted extra time), kill the target, and save the bonus room for a later time when the mission repeats and you have a better feel for your ship’s capabilities. Good Luck!!

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I’ve been flying L4s in my Golem for a long, long time. I’ve got a pretty good feel for it. What I want really need to know is - in the bonus pocket, will I have time after landing to align away and MJD, or are the scramming frigates going to be all over me right away?

you could have someone run with you to help with some of the tank.

from what i’m reading, there’s more ships than what the mission states there is. but that comment was back in feb 2018.

and it looks like the bonus is warp disruptors.

you have time; i did it before…but don’t waste a second doing it. There seems to be a variable time they threw in sometime over the last few years/months on how fast and how many react to your presence. Even at the worse ( I experienced), you have time to turn and click MJD, but…if you want to dual prop…and hit those disruptors hard asap.

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did the first room in a mach.
orbit structure@70, activate mwd, shoot structure, go make a coffee.
then kill the few required drones (I think there are required drones)

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The second room isn’t worth the risk. I completed it once in a Gila, but that was back when Gila had 4 lowslots, spawns weren’t time-based and HG Halo implants made me sig tank the battleships easily.

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Wow man, this is one I don’t do very often that’s for sure, but I have done it, just no way I can remember the specifics. I used Navy Scorp with double prop and cruise. its my default ship for any of the more challenging content.

Anyways, here are some videos for you, including soloing the bonus room

Somewhere in there is the answer you seek.


A Barghest can do it(At least it worked for me. Long time ago.). Its hard tho. A cruise-Golem with decent skills should have no real problems. Torps I don´t know.

Hi everyone - wanted to follow up to spread the knowledge. I took the plunge and ran this in my Golem, and it worked out okay. If anyone is interested, here are
the details.

Golem - 4 Torp Launcher II’s, bastion, tractor - two empty high slots. (Needed every ounce of CPU for…)
Mids were an MJD, Pith A-type XLSB, EM, Explosive, Thermal hardener, and two faction TP’s. (Because Golem!)

4 damage mods in the lows.

With Jav torpedoes I could kill frigs out to 80km in one volley and BS in 5 volleys. If they got closer, I could take them out in 4 volleys out to 53 km.

Main pocket I used MJD to strategically place myself within range of only a couple of the sentry towers to take them out. Hopped around to various sides to take out waves from distance.

Entered the bonus room. Wow - lots of BS already spawned - 10 I think? 5-6 more a couple minutes later. Lots of scramming frigates 40 km away, they engaged right away. Ok, no screwing around. Aligned away from the crowd, MJD’ed once. Took out a few frigs, but there was still too many larger ships too close together - they were all going to get in range at the same time - so I do another MJD away in the same direction. (Marauders get huge bonus to MJD reactivation delay.) The second MJD was plenty to thin out the crowd - easily took out the frigates, then the BC and Cruisers, then the BS. Javelin torps all the way.

It was good to get this mission under my belt, but honestly, not worth the time outside of possible faction standing increases, if that matters to you. Salvaged the whole thing - maybe… 6 million in salvage for both pockets? Wreck dropped a 5 million ISK tag - not super impressive.

A big exciting of a mission, perhaps, but too much time for too little reward to do a full-clear. Better to blitz by killing the structure and bolting.

Thank you all for the info.

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don’t use torps, they suck. Bot in range and required fitting.

Only reason to use them is specific missions, polarized golem for blitzing power.

otherwise go cruise. Better application, better range, better fitting. the javs have less DPS than the cruise faction IIRC AND less range AND worse application.

gor for one guidance computer (precision script) instead of the second TP, the optimal range is too low. the TP is good to pain the frigate that come close but other than that :confused:
Also go invul+EM+explo(, that should give more overall resistance than 3 specific hardeners (thermal is useless I think, it’s already the highest resist on golem).
don’t go pith SB they will your cap a-whole. gist XTXL is not that expensive, only a third of your hull ! .
rigs should go rigor T2(add 25% DPS versus small ennemies), then watever.

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As soon as i got that storyline on 2 accounts at the same time, i farmed the crap out of it using 2 Ishtars with Geckos on the BS’s after clearing the frigs:). Having secondary alts to keep pulling other missions helps alot.

Yeah, I remember getting this once. Ran it in a Golem, cruise, Pith A Medium, a C-type invuln, faction battery and couple of faction painters. My fit hasn’t changed much in years. No issues that I recall, but Marauders tank like the gods, so you may need to bring an MJD for any GTFO shenanigans if your sitting in anything else, especially the second room where spawns pop in each minute until there’s a butt ton of angry tracks on screen. Pretty sure there was a nuet tower as well, so look alive for that too. Carrier wreck had a single tag worth a couple mil.

Plenty of pissed off RD rats to shoot at. I remember being a little impressed given nearly every RD op I’ve been on has been pretty underwhelming in terms of challenge and value. Can’t recall the total bounty, but it was more than I expected.

I pulled this mission today. It may not be helpful but I ran it with 2 spider tanked Nestors. They didn’t even break a sweat in the bonus room.

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