When some of the most popular games on the market maintain a 14.99$ (usd) monthly fee for online gaming, CCP feels it’s acceptable to increase their price to 19.99$. I’m hoping the in game isk-for-plex is reflecting this price increase because if not we both know who populates your servers (hard core isk farmers… ccp can easily inject artificial plex for their lap dogs).

The game is free to play…


Have you actually looked at the price of plex?

Like anyone who actually plexes in EVE would know this. Anyone could easily point out the spike on the chart and simply think that CCP must have done something to the price of plex without ever reading the article XD

YES the plex-isk conversion is going up to reflect the higher cost of plex. I personally think we may stop at 2.2-2.5 billion omega.

Actually… CCP did do something to the plex but not directly what they did was increased the subscription price so people are instead buying plex and increasing the demand.

The only direct influence CCP can have is a plex sale but that would make plex go down in value.

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Does that graph mean I get more ISK per PLEX bought ?

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Yes, you will. So you can buy less Plex in the future. Fortunately, they also increased the price of Plex, so you’ll be happy you can buy less Plex in the future.

In other words, they’ve pretty much guaranteed they’ll sell fewer Plex in the future. And they’ve pretty much guaranteed they’ll sell fewer subs in the future, too.

Leave it to CCP to raise prices so they can make less money while simultaneously driving players away from the game, all while touting how they’re “making ready for EVE Forever”.

I don’t know, if PLEX is worth more ISK, more players might buy PLEX, driving the price down depending on their ‘need to sell’. It will regain balance. CCP is like the FED, don’t worry.

Since we are all confused here, let me drop this confusion bomb.

I believe CCP (and I don’t say this without serious consideration) knows what they are doing raising the sub price. The intended consequence is to force a consumption of the absurd amounts of PLEX in the market.

Why would they want that? I can only speculate:
1 - To sell the company, and the buyer would not be so happy with the amount of PLEX around, remember PLEX is a commodity, a promise if you will, of a future service that must be attended;
2 - Exploring 1 further, there is probably some gray line where a owner of PLEX in an occasion of termination of services could reclaim their PLEX, meaning refund, and that could be a major problem;

Exploring how Activision implemented WoW token can be a clue into the matter.

So, glad to add to the confusion. Good day.

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