PLEX Price prepare to be shocked in upcoming days over subscription charges

Often it is forgotten that our silly spaceship game with its ‘‘real’’ in game space economy is actually part of a very much real economy, changes in which far outpace anything that CCP developers could control within game or via subscription sales.

As the west muses over oil and gas sanctions against one of the worlds biggest suppliers we can expect sudden inflation of every day goods prices and services as suppliers offset lost margins with increased prices. Eve a computer game based in Iceland but hosted in Britain both nations famous for its lack of fuel dependency on foreign sources will still be effected.

The price of subscription will rise as the cost of CCP’s business increases, this will be compounded by the likely fall in value of your nations central currency as it is subject to or partakes in the biggest sanctions the world has seen, with suggestion of blockades.

The price of PLEX is set to skyrocket as your fellow capsulers bawk at the price of subscription and instead purchase PLEX with in game assets.

You can yourself make space game wealth by investing heavily in PLEX, this asset at 3m ISK per unit will rapidly increase in value against the $ beyond the discount cost of 30 day pilot’s licences.


Plex is about to skyrocket.


Sounds like someone’s dropped some cash on PLEX and wants to get a good price for it, eh?


Destiny, I’m more inclined to moving Eve IP in the other direction towards the $ :wink:

also charitably.

PLEX will only skyrocket for as long as it takes for a bunch of speculators to open their EVE Store page and buy a ■■■■ ton of the things to flood the market with.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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It starts with the books…

I won’t be doing that, thank you. Enjoy your PLEX.

Okay, so energy costs are skyrocketing across Europe right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that CCP is going to have to increase plex prices

First, even though electricity prices across Europe have been skyrocketing, it is clear that some countries are being impacted to a much greater degree than others. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what’s going on with energy prices in the UK or Iceland specifically (found current data for dozen of European countries, but none for either of those). Thus, there is the question of how much CCP’s electricity bill has actually gone up.

Second, even if Icelandic and/or UK energy prices are skyrocketing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have a huge impact on CCP’s bottom line. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they have a sizeable electricity bill. But it appears that electricity costs only make up a very small percentage of the total cost of game development.

And, yes, I am aware that this chart is for indie game development, and not an MMO. Thus, it is quite likely that CCP’s budget breakdown will differ from that of the indie dev. However, based on the information I was able to find, I don’t think that there is enough evidence to conclude that plex prices are going to go up any time soon.

And, as others have already pointed out, do keep in mind that there are people who will try to manipulate market prices for their benefit.

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Well i know we in the UK have our own power plants including 11 nuclear reactors, not sure what our gas supply is like, prices probably will go up but we’re used to that :stuck_out_tongue:


My guild is going to win the war. So PLEX will drop for us, as we will hit the enemy with WAR REPARATIONS which ensure a comfortable future for the winning team.


Seems pretty high from what I’m seeing. But I don’t know what’s normal there. Is $7.70 a gallon average?

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Gas prices in my region went up to 2€, which is $2,18 as per mid-market rates: 2022-03-07 at 17:00 UTC
It’s still not as bad as $4,50 during the Persian Gulf war but I don’t have any illusions, it will probably go much higher than that.
And I believe it isn’t caused by any “war hysteria” but by very shrewd ( for lack of an unflagable word ) bankers who aim to enrich themselves a little more through this “invasion”, just like they enriched themselves through the Covid “crisis” because make no mistakes, the governments of the world wouldn’t have been able to shut all those businesses off if the banks had been against it. Banks hold the governments by the balls: one ball for a country’s central bank and the other ball for the IMF.


In anticipation for the possibility of subscriptions rising as a result of the Russian-Ukraine war, I purchased a sub for the entire year yesterday.

You can’t do that as the default is cheapest order.

By the way there is less than 20k plex on the market in Jita right now if you ignore these 112 orders.


A 2006 char with no killboard history also has 112 orders up.

How does a single player put up multiple orders within a single second? I can’t even remotely replicate that.

Are you sure it wasn’t a one-off?

You use the multi sell feature,