Consider allowing Zero-Point Mass Entaglers on T1 & T2 Haulers

WH is great because it has little to no parity with null blocks. That is simply not a good enough reason. Each group already has the same tool kit for closing holes what is great is that in that kit different tools a better for each group.

The initial idea was to let DSTs travel through frigate holes. We could start with blockade runners. That in itself would still tremendously help logistics ops.

those holes that were not meant to be used for any such thing? CCP has already all but removed that feeling of dread when you live in a Null static and your fuels running low. it does not need to be easier.

WH space should be hard to live in

This doesn’t make it easier, just changes the playing field. Frigate holes become something to dread if you want to keep out an invading force from setting up a beachhead in your hole.

soooo 99% of the time they make everyone’s life easier then the rest of the time they just make it harder for smaller groups to live in what has become an ideal place for small independent groups.

great balance plan there.

Oh will someone think of the children!

Small fry low class wormholers will be fine and your concern trolling is obvious. It’s high class bear holes that the ability to bring DSTs through a frig hole would make things spicy and less safe.

not really even a moderate sized group can lock down a frig hole. only ones effected would be the smaller groups. but this wouldn’t happen much anyway so it wasn’t even a think of the children moment. I pointed out how rarely they would be used for that and added the addendum that the only ones who would be effected would be the smaller groups. getting a foothold in bear holds is already plenty easy being able to use a dst on a frig hole would not help much with that and you must have realized this choosing to add that you only wanted it on BRs

Smaller groups would benefit from being able to move goods in a DST through a frigate hole.

yes, I pointed that out. This is not a good thing. you should be fighting against WH space when you live there. WH space should not make it any easier.

Then why should smaller groups be protected by that logic?


wh space should be hard for everybody both those attacking a hole and those living in it. Nothing should make travel easier if anything it should be made harder

With current mechanics more isolation (rather than the proposal for more logistical permeability) means more safety to farm and mine moons.

and that’s okay they are not too isolated by any means and challenge isn’t always from other players

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