Considering Selling - 95 mil Hel/Nyx/Aeon pilot with Rorq and Fax capability

I’m looking to sell at the right price.
1 +4 training clone with a mining mindlink and RX804 beancounter in lowsec (Villlasen)
Currently sat in highsec (Emrayur) in a +5 training clone
Positive security status and wallet, no kill rights

tools4eve link

Notable skin:
Hel Chainbreaker Khumaak SKIN

Still available


80B BO offer


Im looking for 85-90b i think

85 I’ll take it

85B I’ll take it

86B B/O offer

90B Speed reply

Sorry not had to much time to get online, im happy to accept this. If you are happy to proceed ill start the process when i get home

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