WTS near perfect Aeon/Hel/Fax/Revel pilot 65m sp

good deal for me

I will start you off 40b.



45B i will buy it :slight_smile:


55B i buy it
first time. thanks

anzi wuergong Accepted, sent ISK to this toon.

Oh, sorry, I’m so sleepy. Can you wait for me to rest for about 12 hours? I’ll trade you tomorrow as scheduled. I will send you an email to your forum account. Email contact

Yep, no prob.

i am coming


anzi wuergong
Im here
semd ISK and account info ingame pls, after i start transfer toon.

anzi wuergong
Are you cancel deal?
Still for sale.

ill accept 50bil if you ready.


offer accepted in game, send isk and account info shortly.

confirming isk and account info sent to @Tyme_Kafshaz thank you.

have not received any transfer or response from seller, opening support ticket.

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