Considering the possible sale of the SoERR station in Skarkon

Too bad, It makes for good target practice. Best of luck to whoever buys it, assuming anyone actually wants the thing.


See point 7.

I mean, I guess I could start a fight there? shrugs

You could, or you could not, as you please?

EDIT: To be excruciatingly clear, point #7 is there because a lot of people seem to assume there is some kind of a NAP in effect that I was party to, and this is why hostilities at the structure have ceased.

Such an agreement does not at this point exist, nor have I so far been even approached about the possibility of one. All communications towards me have been the buy offers plus being informed about an arrangement between other people.

I suppose I might’ve given the wrong impression; apologies.

Oh it’s ok. I just want to be super clear on the fact that I have neither refused nor promised a NAP to anyone, simply on account of such offers not even having been put on the table so far. I don’t want to be accused of breaking truces in case someone/something dies to our hunters.

Normal military protocol would call for scuttling the station to keep strategic assets from falling into the hands of the enemy.

First, the station is originally part of our humanitarian chain. While the conditions of totality mean that humanitarian uses are of less pressing urgency daily, the station as such does not fall under military protocol.

Second, preserving human infrastructure, in addition to triglavian, is of strategic interest, even if such infrastructure is not in our hands.

Third, as stated, I am not committed to sell. Just exploring my options.

Fourth, none of outsider business anyway. Skarkon is still tribal space.

As an outsider, I would just hate to see something you worked hard to build and maintain be used against your people still resisting on the planet you sought to help. Seems like that would be beneficial to no one.

Or you could just shut the hell up.

Why? You never do.

Come to think of it, are not all of your potential buyers ‘outsiders’, making this entire subject outsider business? The only ones able to make use of it are those who have helped the Triglavians extensively. This matter seems very counter-intuitive if you are interested in limiting Triglavian control of the system.

No, they are not all outsiders.

Forgive my ignorance. I was not aware of any tribalists who also had strong standings with the Collective.

I don’t know where you get the conclusion that all offers are from people with strong protrig ties, any more than the conclusion that they are all outsiders.

Some hours and a night’s sleep after the deadline: there’s not going to be a sale. Without going to details, a combination of price and terms that would be acceptable in a Svarog-controlled system was not on the table.

I realize this means the station has a limited time to live. So be it.

When all other ways close, The Way of the Knife opens.


So you’d rather the station die and you get nothing, than firesale it and get something? I’m not following the logic there.

It’s a matter of integrity.

Which means that most capsuleers would not get it, no.


It’s simple. Money wasn’t the only factor in the decision.

If I phrased it as “no concessions; no quarter; all invaders must die” will that make it clearer?

(Note to the concerned: this is not a general policy, just a hyperbolic rephrasing of the current situation in Krai Svarog.)