Stations for sale!SOLD

Got wardec’d on and have no way to defend my stations so they’ve got to go. Athanor with a moon mining drill 1, refinery 1, standup multi-role missile launcher 1 with 50 light missiles and 100 heavy missiles. Currently in the Audaerne system, the moon mining drill also just brought in an asteroid as of 2000hrs EST.
600mil for it all.
Raitaru with a manufacture plant 1 and research lab. Also in the Audaerne system.
400mil for it all.
The catch with these cheap prices is they are anchored and the war will begin in in 10 hrs from when I post this. So I have to transfer them to a corporation. We can do half money up front, other half after I transfer the station to the corporation of your choosing. I know it’s a lot to ask to trust a stranger, but I’m desperate.

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