SOLD (WTF is this 5 characters requirement?)

(GoldSnake) #1

… post can’t be empty

(Panther X) #2

Where is it? Then again 50b is more than I want to pay.
If in a decent location I will give offer.

(GoldSnake) #3

Currently located in Hakonen, but with being able to dock in stations it’s quite easy to move.

(Panther X) #4

of course its in hakonen, youre shooting ncdot. I should have guessed. I could care less about the corpse bay really, but, it is what it is. I will give you 30 for it, today in Hakonen, in a station. Vehements require more minerals to build, and are selling for around 20.
But I do want this abomination.

(GoldSnake) #5

35 and it’s a deal, else I do have one slightly higher offer.

(Panther X) #6

hmmm I’m gonna say go with the other offer. I want one but not that much. Thanks anyway.

(Timberwulf420) #7

ill do 30b

(GoldSnake) #8

lots of interest, shame alliance mates are worse flakes than the frosted ones in cereal.

(Panther X) #9

did you ever get rid of it or is it still available