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The Zealot is the first Tech II cruiser that I used for piracy after becoming more confident at solo PvPing in EVE. A decent damage dealer and tough when tanked, it became my main weapon of choice as a pirate. During summer 2005 when I was flying with Sniggerdly, I spent eleven weeks flying the Zealot on solo and small gang ops in Pure Blind, Fade, Deklein, Lonetrek, Placid, Verge Vendor, Solitude and Syndicate. Racking up more than 14,000,000 ISK in ransoms and loot drops – a monumental amount of ISK at the time – paved the way for my investment in ISS, and the formation of Veto, a pirate corporation that I ran for almost a decade until I came to CCP.


The Golem is my favorite PVE ship. It is a very common ship among level 4 mission runners, with the awesome marauder class DPS bonus. I worked my way through the Caldari missions, flying ships such as Merlin, Kestrel, Osprey, Ferox, Drake, Raven, Caldari Navy Raven and finally Golem. The Golem represents the top of the line as far as PVE in Caldari ships is concerned and should have a room named after it.


As a long term mission runner, my ultimate goal was to find and fly a ship that would maximize those aspects I most enjoyed. At the time, level 4 missions were end game PvE content for HS and I was looking for a ship that could handle anything thrown at it. Started with a Rattlesnake, but found the cargo hold too small. Tried the Golem, better, but still no “tingle”. Kept looking at the Kronos, but I had always been a railgun snob. My first run with blasters,salvage drones, and a MTU gave me that missing “tingle”.
Own all 4 Marauders, but still tend to default back to one of my Kronos.

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I use the Heron for my exploration missions in Wormhole space. When I most enjoy the experience is when I fly solo inside a WH and start scanning for anomalies searching for Relic and Data Sites. Heron it’s probably the best vessel for alpha exploration with a great ratio risk/reward, meaning that if you got destroyed probably you don’t lose too much. And has a lot of middle slots, meaning that you can “focus” in certain aspects of your exploration experience.

But the most important element for me is that the Heron it’s a little ship with a great design and that little place I use in Eve Space when I want to relax a little scanning anomalies.


Way back when, when wormholes were new, spooky places, one ship was the best for lower class sites: the Drake. Sure, it may have been part of a doctrine or eight, but to some, the Drake was the battlecruiser that got into a sleeper site, ate some sleepers, salvaged the wrecks, fought off a sabre, and went back to the pos a little richer. It’s a classic ship, that even though isnt as popular as it once was, keeps on working hard.

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The one ship that most people back in the day could all use and used exclusively for PVE. It had a decent tank and good damage with low skills and minimal ISK investment. This meant that newer players could fly them relatively earlier in their Eve career. As fleet compositions got more advanced and skill intensive, people would jokingly ask their FC “Can I bring my Drake” to mess with them and get a response from them as most new players trained into a Drake right away. After a while, drake fleets actually became a thing back in 2010. After balance changes, the drake was nerfed and drake fleets became a thing of the past, but they could never be forgotten after the “Can I bring my Drake” meme became well known.

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Machariel - A ship that almost never misses its mark and can get a lot of work done in a very short amount of time. A fitting name for any meeting room with a goal that needs achieved. Not to mention that this was my first pirate faction ship and where I first fell in love with the visual beauty of online spaceships.


I began EVE as a mission runner and used the missions to build faction within the Caldari Empire. I went through many ships and many fits but none taught me more about fitting a ship for myself than the pinnacle of Caldari battleships the Golem. I ended up with a cap stable build that no mission could break. May the room named Golem symbolize the unbreakable spirit of EVE Online.

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Perhaps the most iconic T1 frigate to ever be introduced to the game. When I started playing EvE back in about 9 years ago the Rifter was one of the most widely used frigates in the game and especially used in pvp. I used the Rifter to cut my teeth in the pvp world, venturing into low sec to be blown up time after time by more experienced players. These experiences taught me a lot about EvE Online and eventually held my own in single combat, with the knowledge gained from those early experiences. Even today with all the fancy Faction, Trig and T2 frigates, I still fly the Rifter as much or perhaps more than any other frigate out there. The Rifter is a classic ship that will always have a place in my heart and remind me of those early days, just starting out in the cold, harsh world known as EvE Online.


it was one of my first times combat probeing in j-space. i probed down a Miasmos and went in for the kill. turned out to be a bait Miasmos next to a active deathstar POS, in pure panic i accidenitly eject from my sviphul instead of warping of, now in even more panic i accidenitly board the Miasmos. the POS rips the Miasmos a new hole, i board my svipul, and because of the activation timers on the guns i managed to warp of. the miasmos, a fools lucky charm, sheer luck,pure panic,no skill, great story


I choose this one because this ship can pop out of the blue with a cyno and milking as much as possible from the belt. When I finish to dry at one spot, I cycle red my indus core and I warp-out/warp-in to a new location to extract as much value as possible over and over.

Sometimes I have some little npc rats trying to disrupt me but with my capital industrial ship I can simply ignore them if I want. My drones investment are locked and I can shield boost them if needed. When bored of these NPCs, I simply lock and load my sentries.

If things get too hot, I can activate my nexus and totally ignore everything around me and waiting for the things get resolved by themselves.


Freighters might not be the most exciting ships to fly, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Freighters are what makes the universe run. The Providence isn’t the best freighter by most measures. It’s not the fastest, not the sturdiest, nor capable of carrying the most cargo. This might lead some to dismiss the Providence as useless, but I find it inspiring. Instead of chasing perfection and always trying to beat everyone else, just be your best self. One thing it is, is the most beautiful ship, and also the namesake of my home region.



Perfect for space trash and space trash meetings :slight_smile:

When you have to schedule that meeting you don’t want to go to and you know will be a waste of time, fly Noctis! :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Suicide ganking is often overlooked at best and shunned at worst. When I was in CODE., I learnt a series of complex mechanics to ‘break’ the game into a new playstyle - something you would only find in a game like EVE.

Of course, the poster-child of the ganking community is the Catalyst. High DPS, no tank - who needs shields or armour when CONCORD is your only threat? - but 100% camaraderie with those you have worked hard with to pull off the gank. If one of you makes a mistake, that’s possibly the whole evening ruined.

The Catalyst is truly a symbol of what capsuleers can do when they put their minds to something and work together. Now, where’s my police SKIN?



birdlike demon. One of shapeshifters. Spend years in that hull, always changing fits. Many many explo adventures. Visited all NS system in it. Abbadoned after t3c changes (iconic beak was removed). Tengu (all of t3c) require nonstandard ways of thinking.



One of the true workhorse ships in the game. Go into nearly any asteroid belt and they are there, gathering the materials that will be used to construct every other ship in the game.

There are bigger ships, there are badder ships, but is there any harder-working ship in the game?



The name suggests development. Be a ‘catalyst’ for change!



Polaris Legatus

The Polaris Legatus frigate is one of the most powerful Polaris ships built, superior in both combat and maneuverability. The ‘Polaris Legatus’ takes it name from two sources, that of the polar star and a high-ranking Roman officer.

The Pole star, also know as he North Star is the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Minor and typically used as a navigational fixed point in ancient maritime celestial navigation. The Roman officer was initially used to to delegate tasks and power to other ranks and parties within the Roman army.

This seems a fitting combination for a meeting room name in that the Pole star is within our theme and genre of Eve Online and the Roman Officer suits the requirements of the room for meetings and delegation.

For Artwork for this room i am imagining a space background in a combination of Eve Space colors and the constellation Ursa Minor integrated into it as the base layer. Then i would like to see the Polaris ship in the foreground. The Polaris ship should have a special Skin that hails and acknowledges the Roman Legatus officer in the skin design. Maybe a reference to ‘SPQR’ as an emblem, or Eve themed variant of this emblem, on the hull (see pic) of the Polaris Legatus frigate would be fitting. The skin should be a harmony of sleek design with ancient power and commanding leadership embodied in it, featuring rich reds and elaborate golds.

Welcome to the ‘Polaris Room’.



Great looking ship that’s fun to explore and roam the corners of new eden and one I’ve spent way to much time in; however it has a darker side… it can fit a covert opscloak so that you can hide, stalk and watch away in plain sight with the grid being none the wiser… much like your meeting room with the glass wall… it looks like your busy doing important meetings when you can just kick back and nobody will be any wiser :wink: Sit cloaked in the meeting room watching your fellow ccp devs assume you’re deep in discussion about the latest features