Contracts Bugs

Anyone seen anything like this, or know best way to support a ticket to get it fixed.
Snap is from today (17 Aug 23), so it’s expired for about a month now.

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F12 in game and you can submit a bug report

I think it’s because the buyer didn’t claim it yet. I remember reading it from others too over the years that such contracts will stay in the list until they are claimed.

Edit: Ah nevermind the seller can’t claim it I see. Yeah I guess bug report is best. Maybe also a support ticket in case a GM can do something about it.

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Hi, if you won’t see it fixed after a year, add it here
Meanwhile :crossed_fingers: for your bug submittal being swiftly resolved :slight_smile:
…seriously, no sarcasm here, I swear :raised_hand:

I had the same issue with expired contracts that could neither be accepted nor deleted. A GM did delete them for me so they wouldn’t bother any more in the contracts window.


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