Convicts and Savages - Lowsec AUTZ Pirate Corporation

(Washa Squasha) #1

Convicts and Savages is a long term AUTZ PVP member corp of Shadow Cartel in Lowsec.

We are a tight knit group of solo and small gang PvP’ers within our timezone but have regular access to larger fleets across all other timezone. We seek pilots that are able to find their own content and team players that excel in fleet vs fleet combat, Dual boxing is heavily encouraged to gain superiority on field.

Long term residents of Essence region in lowsec

What We Offer:

  • Target Rich Environment
  • Various Alliance Fleets (Small Gang to Capital Escalations)
  • Alliance SRP Program
  • Jump Freighter Services
  • ISK Making Opportunities
  • Help to get your own ships for your own roams

What We Need From You:

  • 40m Skill Points Minimum
  • Self Sufficient ISK
  • Logistics Cruisers V and desire to fly logistics
  • Working towards a Capital alt
  • Ability to find content for yourselves and others
  • Use of TS3 and Slack
  • Full API on All Accounts

Recruiters: Washa Squasha, Volundark Gallente, Rivo Avalhar, Lofe sXe

if this sounds like your kind of thing then please read the guide and put in an application here:

Drop by our Public Channel if you have any questions
in-game channel: C&S Public

154M SP Pure Combat Pilot looking for a home
(I DaresayADisgrace) #2

About time you made a recruitment post for me to link people to :stuck_out_tongue:

(Washa Squasha) #3

i am a really lazy recruiter :slight_smile:but i appreciate the help

(Volundark Gallente) #4


(Washa Squasha) #5

we want you

(Volundark Gallente) #6

We are still looking for more pilots!

(Volundark Gallente) #7

Still Recruiting more active pilots!

(Washa Squasha) #8

still looking for good people

(Washa Squasha) #9

still looking for people who are good at the game

(Fayte Seraph) #10

How strict are you on this 40mil SP?

Old school player from 10 years ago.
Jumped back in.
34mil SP short… lol

(Volundark Gallente) #11

34 Million is alright if you can use our doctrines.

(system) #12

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