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If there is a way to copy all the names in local to a clipboard, is there a way to copy your overview’s contents? So I guess it would contain name (of objects and people depending on what your settings were) and the other stuff like distance, corporation, velocity, etc…

I only drag the Pilot names I want to the corp window to then review at a later date if needed.

Yes. Click on first name…scroll down and Shift-Click on last name…then Ctrl C. Then you can Ctrl V to get the list to appear in Notepad.

For local you can also click on any name in the local list and hit Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+C to select all then copy.

As far as I know there’s no way to copy like that from the overview.

That’s my experience as well and never read anything to the contrary.

Because of this an alternate method (although severely limited compared to copying from the overview itself) is to copy from d-scan results instead.

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What works for local doesn’t work for Overview. I haven’t found a way to copy Overview to clipboard.

I don’t generally need to copy overview, but if I did I’d likely use a snipping tool like Snip & Sketch to grab that chunk of the screen.

You could also toss a suggestion into the QoL Suggestions thread to have an “Export Overview Contents” option as well as the current drag/export overview settings.

Poopy. Well, I guess I’ll just do screenshots

If it helps, you can you the directional scanner and copy from that which can give you a list of ship types and such. Not as much information as the overview but depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Uriel also mentioned this above.

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Screenshot won’t do ?

What are you attempting to do with the formal, always changing overview data anyways ? “Look ! this is me at Hek moon VI at 4:16PM server time with “mining” tab preset on !”

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