Corp looking for Paid Management Positions

It has been a while since I actually played played this game. Rebooting my Corp. I am currently looking for at least 4 Officer postions to fill that pays 100 mil a week each. Send me a mail writing what position you want, why You are Qualified ( can just be one of your ambitions) and why you want to join my team. I will then do a audio interview to get a better jiff of if you are the sort of person I can talk with comfortably.

Quick scope on my corp is I want to focus on more Black Ops and Spider tanking doctrines and more of the PVP side of eve again.

-First position I need is a Intelligence Officer. The duties would include keeping up to date on APIs, getting info and arranging briefs on war targets and surrounding political situations. Always looking to improve the position so if you have more ideas I love to hear that also.

-Second position is a Relations Officer. Primary duties would be setting up relations with other corps/alliances and being the contact point for other corps and alliances.

-Thrid position is a Human Resources Officer. Primary duties would include recruiting, settling internal disputes, and keeping a ledger on what our active times manpower is.

-Fourth position would be something of a FC commander that hopefully can theorize fun and good fleet doctines. If I can get both in one that would be nice but if you can only do 1 you can still apply.

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Still looking for eligible candidates.

Have some people I might select all ready but would still like to view a couple more still so still apply.

currently online if anyone is intersted

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