Corp question

I made a Corp and had an alt join. The Corp needed to be based at a different station. I disbanded the Corp and set it up at the new place, same name and flag. I invited the alt and it looks like he rejoined but he isn’t on the member list. He has the flag of the Corp on his picture but ok can’t assign him to anything because he isn’t showing on the Corp member list. Do I have to disband again and create a completely different corp? Confused…

that was more work than was needed. You can change the HQ of a corp from NPC station to NPC station or to your own structure, without having to remove corp and rejoin.

as far as the other issue, have no idea what could be causing it…

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Give it 24 hours, the database may need time to update.

Its probably just a lag issue. Just have to wait for the corp info to update.

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