CCP - Possible serious issue with corps and alliances

So I was looking to move an holding corp into alliance and remove the current corp (both mine)

There we 3 corps in allance - 2 mine 1 a friends

I invited the new corp - accepted and joined in 24 hrs
I voted for new corp to become exec corp
I went into new corp and tried to set itself to vote for exec but it couldnt because it hadnt been in alliance 7 days - OK that’s fine

New corp was NOT shown as the exec corp and the original corp was still shown as exec - which is correct.

HOWEVER - I was able to kick ALL corps from the alliance with this NEW CORP that WASNT the exec corp

That’s not supposed to happen…possible serious issue…

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Hmm, that does sound odd. Did you submit a bug report? If you did, drop me the number and I’ll pass it along.

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