"Apply To Join" an alliance option disabled/grayed out for corps

I have tested this with three of my personal corps and regardless of which alliance I attempt to do it for the option does nothing. It appears this is broken/disabled unless it is somehow only affecting me. If true that would mean that currently all corps are unable to join any alliance. If someone else can confirm that would be great.

I can’t think of any obvious reasons off the top of my head, and a quick Google search isn’t yielding any obvious reasons either. I’m not sure if the following things would apply, but:

  • On the character you using to apply - is it a Director or the CEO? (Asking in case you are using an alt)
  • Are you currently in an alliance? You might need to drop out first before applying to a new one (not sure about this)
  • Did you file a ticket? If the forum community can’t help you, CCP might take 2 months before responding so the sooner you answer the sooner you’ll hear from them :wink:

No problems here:

This is part of why I tried it with 3 different corps to verify, using the character that is the CEO of all three.

All three corps are not in one currently and have not been. (ever for two of them, and not in several months for the last)

I have but as this seemed like it may not only be affecting me and in order to seek confirmation or otherwise from other people, as well as because of the potential scope of the issue, I thought it may be a good idea to post about the issue here as well.

Try clearing your cache in case it is a UI issue: ESC -> Reset Settings Tab > Clear Cache

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