Joining NPC corp?


I have 3 characters, 2 of which are in NPC corps. The thing is that my 2 characters in NPC corps are in different corps and I can’t seem to find a way in the game to join a a particular NPC corp in order to move 1 or the other.

Is there a way to do this other then randomly leaving corps and being assigned one and hoping to end up in the same one ?

If so how, I couldn’t find it. Can someone please post how ?

Starting corps are assigned by the school you choose during character creation.

The corp you join after leaving a player corp is defined by your bloodline.

So no, you can’t bring your characters into the same npc corp unless you chose the same school and or bloodline at the creation.


On one of my characters I went and joined a small corp but it got decced and fell apart, so I left it and got assigned to an NPC corp again, but it is not my starting corp, completely different with actually very few people in it.

I don’t even know how to get out of it other then to have to join and leave another player corp. I would actually love to have both of those characters in the same corp, they are both Gallente.

So there is no way for me to do that ? If so why is it so limited and so stupid ?

If you join another player corp and leave it again you’ll join the same NPC corp.

They’re meant as temporary corp, not for long term membership.

Seems to me like too many non NPC corps are just dying out. I have only been here a few months and already went through 2 different player corps that did so.

So the NPC corps have to be for more then that, otherwise we have too few choices other then dock up or log off.

This is pretty routine for most small corporations (high-sec in particular). Don’t let it discourage you. :slight_smile:

Without getting into too much detail as to why this is (because it will only start a flame war in your thread), the best way to find a “good” corporation is to go outside more populated areas, do some activities that will bring you in contact with other players (for better AND worse), and talk with those you encounter (for better AND worse).

Most good corporations that don’t treat you as another “number” tend to be invitation only and it takes time to get that invite because you have to build trust first.

From what I understand (mostly through vets that have been around longer than myself and some of the original DEVs)…

NPC corporations were devised and intended as a sort of “holder organization” for players who were starting out, lost their corporation (and need a breather), wanted to operate solo, etc.

Since then, they have evolved a bit largely through player-led efforts (see: players organizing in the NPC corp chats).
There are also some players that use NPC corps as ways to be “effectively immune” to PvP in high-sec (because if one understands the aggro mechanics, knows how to safeguard their assets, and puts effort into doing so they can avoid almost all PvP in high-sec space).

But the developers haven’t really touched NPC corps (aside from raising their taxes once).
As for why this is? This is my spreculation: I don’t think the DEVs want to make NPC corps too flexible/good/attractive an option that fewer and fewer want create player corporations.
They want players to interact and they want more players in conflict with each other (because thet is pretty much the basis of EVE’s gameplay).


All that said… there is no way for a player to move between different NPC corporations. Your characters’ race and bloodline define which NPC corps they will drop down to.

Since literally ANYONE can make a Corp, most of the time you will find yourself in crap Corp if you just go around joining random corps that offer you invitations. There are a lot of stupid people out there, so naturally they make stupid corps that crumble at the first breeze.

NPC corps are not meant to be permanent corps for you to join.

Try the recruitment center and join a good, established Corp with a competent leader.

Otherwise, npc corps are fine because they are supposed to be that way.

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