Not a new player, but all the NPC Corp questions I found were in this section. So here's a question about NPC Corps

I started in University of Caille. I was in a player corp for a while, then I left. When I left, I was dropped right back in University of Caille. After reading the EVE Uni entry on NPC corporations, I believe this guy was Intaki, and that means he should have ended up in Aliastra. But he’s back in Caille. I was originally hoping to have him put into the Scope, so I could chat with my Scope bros, and opened a ticket for that. Paragon tells me it’s impossible for him to switch me. But I now would just like to know how Bennett here ended up in a birth corp again.

I was just curious if any people here might have some insight on what’s going on? Thanks

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You cannot change corps from like Aliastria to Scope.

not a new player sure, but is the character new, like recently created new? if it is, you should have noticed major changes to pilot creation…

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No, he dates back to 2009.

At this point, I would just like to know why he got dropped back into Caille instead of being put in Aliastra.

Open a ticket to ask is best I think.

I am waiting for a response. I just figured I would ask here.

There is a long standing plan to consolidate the number of player NPC corps, maybe you saw the effect of something planned here.

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That sounds awful. I hate that idea.

Source/evidence? I’m not challenging you I’m actually asking.

Something I remember from fanfest or CSM minutes … not worth searching all this old stuff for the statements.

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Well, I’ve heard talk of having all newbros start in the same corp, and then dumping them all into Yulai. There was a short blurb about it in the minutes from CSM 14’s second summit. idk, perhaps that’s what Tipa is remembering.

Anyway, bloodlines appear to have been ripped out of the game, so that’s probably why people are getting put back into their starter corps.


not totally true… those who have been created before the a/b testing or whatever it’s called, still have a bloodline… when looking at my profile, i still have deteis as my bloodline.

Well, I guess I’m not sure where to look then. I just figured it was gone because the description tab (where bloodlines used to listed) is straight up gone on my clients whenever I look at anyone’s character profiles (my own or other people’s).

Old character profile.

What I see now.

look under your character sheet, and when you expand to show your picture, if you hover over the empire logo, beside the corp logo, mine still shows bloodline and school etc.

In the far far far back old days of EVE, you had to watch out where you were docked in an npc station before quieting a player corporation. I am now always dropped back into npc Garoun Investment Bank corp because I was in one of their stations while rejoining another corporation :grinning:

But let’s be fair. It sure doesn’t matter now, who cares. Move on to the next player corp :slight_smile:

I think this is probably the case.

In my opinion it’s because CCP is looking to recoup server space from anywhere they can which is then allocated to their new content.

By the way, I don’t agree with or like the current direction this game is heading. Too much of the development time, effort and resources that was invested in the past has been systematically removed and replaced with new unwanted and uncalled-for changes to the game.


Actually rattlesnake with geckos is bad advice. Its better to join one of the Incursion channels and fly with them, they have fits and everything.

Also, why we cant join NPC corps? It doesnt matter much, but hey, roleplay. Why CCP doesnt want people to roleplay more legitimately? Does everything have to be player created, even lore? And why to simplify so much it hurts the established lore?


Yes. Please make your own Grizzly Investment Bank , nowadays non-structure corporations are totally safe.

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