No more Bloodline Corporations?


I have been away for a while, so…

Characters now default to their starting Corporation instead of their Bloodline Corporation when leaving a Capsuleer Corporation? Meaning there are no Bloodline Corporations anymore?

As long as I know (close to 4 years) it has always been the case that players who leave their corp do not go back to their starting NPC corp, but go to anotherNPC corp.

No idea if this has changed sometime in the past.

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This was changed relatively recently late last year, roughly at he same time when CCP started to roll out the new character creator. There was no announcement, no explanation, no information given why this was necessary or done. I guess CCP thinks that newbs and vets should go back to the same school corps so that vets can help newbs.

Oh, guess I was mistaken then. I thought it had been like that for longer.

Gerard is right when he says you never went back to the starter corp. You always went to another NPC corp. Starter corps are like special npc corps.

For example, a character that started in CAS cannot join a player corp and then quit to return to CAS.

However, recently ccp took out bloodlines, from the character creator. So the npc’s corps you start in and quit to may now be different.


No way to be part of one of the Minmatarr Tribes any more then :frowning: Or the Ministry of War…

There were some nice choices there…

Apparently the new character creator has ‘preset’ options for making your character appear to be from certain bloodlines. So you can still look like a brutor or whatever.

Beyond that, role play your bloodline in your bio… :man_shrugging:

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