Could we get a thorough explanation on the 'new' starter/fallback NPC Corp system?

I keep hearing rumors about people unable to get to specific fallback corps after leaving player corps. They say they are going back to their starter corps instead.

Has the entire mechanic changed?

Do bloodlines still exist?

Why are ‘description’ tabs missing from Character Info panes?

new accounts, not new characters on the old account, seems to be removing blood lines and possibly reverting characters back to a starter corp if they drop from a player corp…

i created another alt on this account, and i still picked my bloodline etc… so it must be on fresh new accounts only. all apart of that a/b testing i guess they are still doing.

I have seen that today as well. A 5 years old char that has been in several player corps and NPC corps in between is back in the school. Whatever the thoughts behind this are it cannot be coherent thoughts because this makes no sense and is just a waste of dev time.

Interesting tidbit I also noticed on that char was a forced Char Bio text saying that this char is a graduate from the School Corp’s combat division or something like that.

Would be nice if someone from CCP could tell us how this works now.

Back to school u go!

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i asked the same thing and can confirm i quit a player corp today and suddenly back in the imperial academy starter corp…

that and rumors of other things removed like missions and market stuff is concerning for a returning player

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