When did they start allowing return to new char corps like SWA?

In the past you stated in state war academy, fed navy etc etc and if you left based on your raceline would end up in other default NPC corps. Leaving a player corp put you back in the default NPC corp for your blood/race and you could never return to the starter corp.

Now i am seeing folks in state war academy from player corps etc suddenly returning. Why did this change and when?

Because Pearl Abyss said so.

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In a recent patch they removed several parts of character creation related to bloodlines and racial choices. This was a few weeks ago. Something to do with removing racial differences.

I haven’t looked into it thoroughly and I haven’t made a new character for ages, but I guess the Corp changes are something to do with that.

Sorry for the half answer.

It may be related to the reworking of the character editor. Someone just changed the code then. what’s the problem with that?

just curious if there was some reason or logic behind it. lots of changes recently.

like shipbuilding and economy and other things maybe being removed so people can just get plex and buy from NPC and play game faster without tedium

Bollocks. It is a reorientation of the market and the distribution of resources. This will all still adapt.

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That you move people back into the school corps after they left them for other areas of the game belittles these people. It shows them that CCP does not care about them and thinks of them as dumbos who need more education instead of being part of an adult NPC corp like Scope or Viziam. You are indeed correct that this is a market reorientation because the markets for all sorts of things considers its users and participants more and more as inapt pawns in exploitative practices than respected equals.

It is going to be interesting to see how CCP PR will describe these ridiculous changes to portray them as great experiences.


I wonder when will be ganking removed. :thinking:

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I hear ship spinning is going to be replaced with a nothing

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Ship spinning will generate negative ISK balance. They are still working on the numbers there.

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Something about data optimization, or some such…

You know legacy / POS code and so. No one knows what it does anymore, so something new does something different in every case. :sweat_smile:

The game is being revamped. You can expect Triglavians to turn into a playable race …
… and a completely revamped NPE** centering around the war against them.

My guess is that what people are seeing regarding missing bios, descriptions and the changes to rookie corp mechanics are live tests to see how people react, what happens, etc. etc. but no idea.

It’s unlikely a bug, because no one ever addressed it and it’s been there for a while.

**NPE not NPC.

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well we did hear that missions are being removed after data showing them not being used much anymore

no problem. No Missions = no standing, no standing = no cry :sweat_smile:


Pretty much this, they’re making room on the servers for all the new fangled stuff they keep adding to the game.

Basically trying to make the game more tastier, course we all know what happens if you add too much spice…

They are clearly not very successful at that at all, if even 500 chars in a system or 150 chars jumping a gate can cause tidi.

Yeah, gotta make room for Red Dots, Blinding Sun Glare, Pop-Up Notifications, etc…

Hell, I noticed just today when I logged in and was checking assets, almost every time I clicked to expand the station listing to view the assets, another smaller window popped-up and opened just for that station.

Like we really need another window…

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That has been an issue for ages but it has gotten worse. Opening People and Places takes ridiculously long to open and load contents these days, too. And for some reason I see the game update signatures and anomalies with a visible flicker every now and then or when you open P&P or the Agency. Opening Mails also takes much longer and even freezes the client for a moment.


I moved an alt to an NPC corp in October 2020 and he went into Caldari Provisions. Two months later when he left a player corp he went into State War Academy. So, the change was somewhere in there.

I think it’s a bad idea to recycle old players through a starter corp. Too many scammers and just negative people shouldn’t have access to brand new players.