How to become member of any NPC Corporation

Hello. Can anyone tell me how can I become a member of any NPC Corporation like the Amarr Imperial Navy?

You can’t. You are assigned to one of the racial academies when you create your character and if you leave your birth corp, you are assigned an NPC corp based on the bloodline you chose when creating your character.

Basically, there are 24 NPC corporations that have players as members - the others are strictly NPC.

In addition there is also the 4 faction warfare NPC corps that you can choose to join. These are:

  • Amarr: 24th Imperial Crusade
  • Caldari: State Protectorate
  • Gallente: Federal Defense Union
  • Minmatar: Tribal Liberation Force

However doing so puts you as a free target to your two opposing militias so it’s not without it’s down side.

Here’s a good writeup

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It should work with a trick. You can leave a NPC-Corp when you join a player-corp. If you leave that player-corp again, they will put you automatically into the NPC corp of the station where you do this. You just have to pick the right station.

R u sure??? Cause I have been getting Viziam since start and I have hopped between corporations for 3-4times.

I#m not sure. Where did you leave the last player corp,. Check on that station. I’m playing EVE sind 2008. It might be that things have changed through the years. If you give me a few days I will try that out for you.

This is wrong, it doesnt work this way.

You will always end up in the same NPC corp when you leave a player corp based on the faction and bloodline you chose when you created the character:

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If I go to the 24th Imperial Crusade will my corporation change from Viziam to 24th Imperial Crusade?

Yes BUT: 24th Imperial Crusade is permanently at war with Tribal Liberation Force and Federal Defense Union. You will be a legitimate target for players in those corporations anywhere in New Eden. You will also be attacked by Minmatar and Gallente naval ships if you venture into their territory.

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That’s damnation sexy :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

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