Factions pros and cons

I think I chose the wrong faction.
Now after reading some online info and some of the forum posts I might have chosen Amarr instead of Caldari.
Although living in and working for Amarr snubbing the Caldari state could be interesting, though it might f up chances to join faction warfare.
What to do? I don’t want to create another toon.
Can I join faction warfare for another empire than the one I chose?

A nice thing about Eve is it does not limit you to the empire of your character. You can join faction warfare on the side of ANY of the 4 empires you want - as long as that empire’s standings towards you is 0.0 or greater. (You can check your standings in the character sheet → interactions tab… also note that the requirement is for the base standings, which means it does not look at the skill/social modifier)

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Yes. You can join the fight for any faction you have a positive standing with.
This does mean, for example, that if you want to fight for Amarr (good) and have negative standing to those subject to his blessings (what were you playing at!!!) then you may need to do a little work to improve that situation.
The Sisters of Eve arc, The Blood Stained Stars, is a good way to start your redemption.

If you want to fight for Amarr for purely mercenary reasons (I will try and be nice to you) then it’s worth bearing in mind that FW tends to be cyclical and good payouts are normally balanced by thin patches. You’re in it for the fights and glory - fly for any faction.

If you are interested in Amarr for RP reasons - and there’s a good RP community there, then “Caldari deciding to follow God and supporting the Empire” is a reasonable background - you will never be True Amarr (this is rarely a limitation) but you will have a place and be well regarded. It’s complicated, but fun.

If it’s because - quite rightly - Amarr have the most attractive ships that are also a rewarding challenge to master, then this is not a problem. As others have pointed out, you can cross train into anything. Your original skill profile becomes increasingly irrelevant as you go deeper into life in New Eden.

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As noted above, it doesn’t really matter what faction you choose. You can train for the ships of any faction, you can join the FW of any faction. Nobody really actually cares what faction you rolled, maybe aside from role playing, as noted above.

I kind of thought it was a bigger issue when I started too- like picking a “race” or “class” in other MMOs, where that basically determines your path. When I first signed up, I read about the different ones and was annoyed there was so little info about which faction does what… But, no, it isn’t actually like that in EvE.

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@EM00 @Terak_Romaller @Alfonzor_Dilapidus thank you for your responses. I think I’ll like it in Amarr.

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@Capt_n_Nemo You are welcome :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy Eve.

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Always happy to help where I can.
Eve is a game where people tend to be here for a long time - a second life alongside a real life (don’t forget: RL is more important). Welcome aboard.

If you find yourself in Domain then reach out and say hello.

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Not yet. But you should try different ways of playing after a while.
The Gallente University of Caille awaits you :wink:

@Terak_Romaller Looks like something I can get into. Learning curve is steep but it’s a good challenge. And I won’t skip the opportunity to say hello in game when the opportunity presents itself.

@Pierre_de_Bricassart I guess I will. For the time being I’ll concentrate on learning what I’d like to do and where. Since this game is both PvE and PvP then there’s already a reason to have two characters but I’ll take my time to learn before making lasting decisions.

Note that if you do missions, shooting ships for any player faction will cause your standings to drop. Shooting their structures is even worse!

The exception being NPC mercenaries. They have no faction imapct, but still drop faction tags.

There are a number of NPC without any faction, like Rogue Drones. The others belong to NPC pirate factions. Unless you plan to move to nulsec and work for those, it is generally okay to let them hate you.

I primarily do Amarr and Caldari missions, so the Minmatar and Gallente really don’t like that, and The Sisters of Eve are peeved by it too. Every 3 months one can repeat the epic arc Blood-Stained stars for any player faction they want, and gain a big amount of standing without any loss. It is through this that I have the Minmatar and Gallente actually liking me.

You can determine the NPC faction for a mission by looking at the faction icon in the mission briefing. You can click on the icon for more info.

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Avoiding doing storyline missions, which give faction standings (but also lose standings with other factions)

If your standings are good enough for certain corporations, you can permanently unlock all 4 major empire epic arcs which gives more standings than the soe arc

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Slaver Scum :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:

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thank you :laughing:

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