How to join the NPC corp

Need help with solve and understand it.
As Caldari I would like to join “Deep Core Mining Inc.”

I know that the bloodline of my character have to be Deitis and it is.
I did read that you can land there after leaving players corp so I did it, but…
After creating my character with Deitis bloodline, joining players corp and then leaving it I back to Science and Trade Institute which was my starter corp :c

How to get in to DCM :confused: Do I need complete some missions or apply somewhere in game?

I know player corps are better, but I mostly play games alone and name of this NPC corp fitting pretty good with my mining addiction.
Thanks for help!


Why not just create your own deeep core mining corp… staying in npc corp used to have advantages of not being able to be war decced, but that has changed. plus staying in an npc corp, you lose 11% of bounties/rewards for any rats you kill over i think 600k isk. so if you make your own, then you control the taxes etc.


How? :thinking:

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As long as you don’t put up a structure, you cannot be wardecced.

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So if I’m in an NPC corp and put up my own station I can still be war declared?

Thought only a corp or alliance can be war declared, not a structure or individual.

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If you are in an NPC Corp- you can’t own a structure.

If you are in a player Corp, you can only be wardecked if the Corp owns a structure.

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I agree but Geo said that has changed and I want to know how.

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The “change” is that it USED to be, any player Corp could be wardecked.

Now, a player Corp can avoid wardeck by not owning a structure.


thanks for clarifying that for me…

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To go back to your basic question about joining “Deep Core Mining Inc.”:

You can NOT join it. It is a NPC Corporation.

“Whenever characters leave a (Player) corporation without joining a new one, they will become member of a specific default NPC corporation. This NPC corp will depend entirely on your choice of bloodline during character creation.” (Eve Uni Wiki)

Your toon will allway be transfered back to "Science and Trade Institute ".

Now, You will have to make a Choice:
Stay in you original NPC corp,
Join a Player Corp,
Create your own Corporation.


CCP is in process to axe the bloodlines, so players will now go back to their starter corp when leaving a player corp. The former special fallback corps different from starter corps can’t be reached anymore AFAIK.

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Well, I have nothing to do with SEADC (Strategic Exploration and Development Corp) but their presentation might sound interesting to you:
" We are just like a NPC corporation, but with benefits! Why stick in a NPC corporation with random players when you can be in a player corporation with friends and enjoy the benefits from the coalition?"

I am considering joining them myself though I reluctant jumping from corp to corp without a good reason

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