Corp ticker availability

Hi there,

I’m a returning player, and trying to create a corp. Is there a way — in or out of game — to check whether a ticker is available, other than hitting the “submit” button? I can’t find any other way, and it’s a bit tedious… (concord takes the corp creation fee, then checks the details, “nope, ticker already in use!”, then concord refunds the fee to my wallet… I have a full history page of those already -_- )


Try doing a search on Should also be able to search corporations in the People & Places app in the Neocom.

That seems to work, albeit not in a very straightforward manner!

I was using the search function that’s just above current system information, to no use.

Thanks for the help :wink:

Yup: search type -> “corporation”, “only exact phrase”, matches for ticker too! ^^

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