How to get all corporations from ESI - even the ones not in an ally?

For my application I offer a autosuggest for corporation by name and ticker. For this purpose I fetch weekly all alliances and their corporations with names and ticker from ESI

But how to get a list of all corporations not in an alliance?

For alliances a “get all” is easy with /alliance/ as endpoint. For corporations there is nothing similar.

Any ideas on how to fetch all corporations or how to gather the data on the fly to offer an autosuggest which understand ticker and name?

Best way to do this would be to use the search endpoint

It would return the same results you would get when searching for a given string in game. Just be sure to not to scrape this as per

Hi Blacksmoke16, I considered this as an option but understood the search endpoint does not support corporation tickers in particular if a string of e.g. “goo” in a ticker of “goose” has a greater value then a match in a corporation of “I have goosbumps when killing rats”,

I fear this endpoint won’t serve may need.

Then you’re out of luck. There’s not really another way that is easily done like /alliances/.

Prob best to just drop the searching by ticker idea and have people search by corp name and just use the search endpoint.

I fear you got the point. Maybe CCP will answer some prayer :slight_smile:

On the other hand I was in a light hope of “use ally pseudo id /alliances/ 999999999/corporations/ for corporations without ally”.

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