List of all corporations

(X Mayce) #1

ist there an endpoint for all corporations, just like there is for all alliances (


(Steve Ronuken) #2

I don’t believe there’s a discovery endpoint for this.

What’s your goal?

(Blacksmoke16) #3

Best way at this moment would be parsing the list of alliances to get corps in each alliance. Then check killboards for those not in an alliance. This would still leave out the corps that never had a loss/kill, don’t have an api added or are new. But it would give a good picture.

(X Mayce) #4

Writing a discord bot with certain helpful commands for recruiting, obviously corps who havent been in alliances yet are kinda hard to find then. =(

(X Mayce) #5

Yep thats what I did, but getting all would have been cool/useful =(

(Rivr Luzade) #6

Doesn’t EVEWho use some kind of scraping of public data and extrapolating Corp IDs from gaps in public data? I think I read somewhere on their page that they do the same killboard scraping and if there are gaps between Corp IDs, their system fills the gaps with the missing IDs to discover missing corps.

(X Mayce) #7

I guess it does, but isn’t that sort of contraproductive, that you actually have to brute force ping with “random” ids? @_@

(system) #8

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