Fetch all Alliances and Corporations to local Database and keep it up to date

I would like to implement a autosuggest field to select a corporation by ticker or name. Except for /search/?categories=corporation I had not found any method ESI offers to search for a corporation.

An (expensive) option would be to fetch all corporations on a regular base and manage a full corp database inside my application.

Does anybody have a suggestion for this?

They already have an in-game Corp search tool that works pretty good.

Yes but that doesn’t address his question.

You’re best bet is prob using the search endpoint and a character/time limit between lookups. Then just pass the resulting IDs thru the bulk id -> name endpoint and display.

You are going to want your own database for this for it to work at any decent speed for typeahead.

Any idea on how to fetch all corporations as well a delta (changes) after some time?

I hardly doubt to fetch.
then for each:
then for each:

is the solution, in particular if I have to keep an eye on the API limits.

I also have been looking around for some static or 3rd party API but wasn’t successful.

Any suggestion on how to improve the functionality are highly welcome!

This is a quite exensive and time consuming procedure.

  1. Get a list of all alliances
  2. For each alliance get the detail of the alliance
  3. For each alliance get get a list of all corporations (by ID)
  4. For each corporation in the list of alliances get the details about a alliance

All in all the ammount of requests is reasonable. We have > 3000 alliances and >11000 corporations. ESI repsonds sometimes with a 502 Bad Gateway. Because of this I have to track what has been updated and where to resume.

I assume Alliance and Corporation data is mort the less stable except the ammount of members, and more critical for my appilcation, the assignment of corporations to alliances.

Does anybody has a smart solution on how to keep a local alliance and corporation database stable?

Refresh locally once per day or whatever seems appropriate to you for typeahead, then hit /search/ if you get an input that you cant find.

If you use Etags the daily refresh of the local cache should be pretty light since most info will be unchanged

If you only need the name of each corporation, you could replace step 4 with a bulk ID -> Name lookup via https://esi.evetech.net/ui/#/Universe/post_universe_names. But if you require additional information you would have to lookup each corporation.

Also note that this will only work for corporations that are members of an alliance.

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