Corporation Creation Cost

instead of 1mil to create a corporation, perhaps up th cost to 100 mil, this would prevent a lot of people jumping into the corp leadership position when they start the game then leave when spies and trolls burn their corp down.

earning 100 mil when you’re fresh out of the gate would take you a while, you’d naturally then be encouraged to fly in NPC corps or fly under someone at least for a short term before people go galloping off to try and cut out their own slice of new eden.

this ultimately would be to improve player interaction within the new bro community
further more reduce trolling attempts when people decide to make a corporation which sounds similar to another one which i understand is a minor issue in the game.

I would prefer 500 million or even 1 Billion, and for the latter change Alliances to 10 billion, and put coalition in game for a minimum of 100 billion.

My main char has been in several corporations since 2007 but mostly made no good experiences. Apart from your alts there are few people you can trust in eve. We used to have sort of a family-corporation. A good idea also is friends from RL. If you have more than one account and several Chars it makes sense to put them in one corporation that helps interaction between them . (Hangar-Acess and other things)

I don’t know about that the mechanics and processes of an alliance should still be within the reach of a standard individual player, 10 bil or 100 bil is a lot of money for alliances. it just means making an alt and establishing a corp is also out.

my proposal is towards corp spam and more importantly that corporations out there will be better sustained for new players who join up, this way if your corp is currently recruiting its unlikely to be a dead corp with like 1 active person.

it makes the process a bit more “isk sinky” but nothing to extortionate in my humble opinion, if you’re a new bro going to join a corp, at least there is a chance that the corp is going to be active, well run and all sorts of things.

sorry to hear about your experience, its true in eve that there usually aren’t many people you can trust, however when approaching a entity such as a corporation, this corporation should be established in a certain activity, pve, pvp, mining, salvage, industry, etc. having corporations from irl friends doesn’t really work out, eve isn’t for everyone, also 100 mil isn’t too expensive for someone to cough up to hustle their alts into a single corp.

It should have been so simple.

Starting a social corp should be free but you get no corp benefits. Just an NPC corp with shared chat channel, mail list etc.

And war eligible corps should cost the same amount to open as it does to start a wardec to make Dec avoiding by making new corps non-trivial.

I don’t know about this. There are some players like myself who want to get their own business up and running rather than “work for the man” while putting up with CEO and vet aggro. We have the same thing in real life, called home offices and startups.

well most people will be stuck in an NPC corporation anyway, you don’t HAVE to move into a player corp, however player corps are typically more specialised, it would give a player a chance to get into the game and get a good feel for things before jumping in both feet first.

10 Bill for an alliance is not so much of a stretch, it currently costs 1, and an Alliance is where once created many Corporations can apply to join into.

and my point on the 100 billion,was if CCP introduced Coalitions in game, a Coalition should be 100 billion minimum. Since a Coalition would be many Alliances under a single banner.

A corporation should not be a trivial start up thing…500 million would easily stop corp spam, as you call it.

NPC corps are a tax hit though. Only reason why I put up with it because of my past experience in the player corps. Move 40 systems away from those I fleet with? Put up with officer mood swings because they had a rough day? Forget it.

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