Corporation management UI BUG

(Sophie Mcgalien Hoeeg) #1

I noticed after the last patch that when I want to apply or remove titles from people. I have to click the title either on or off then apply 1-4 times before it actually does it.

Basically, if I want to remove titles I press to remove the cross, and then press apply. What happens is that cross will then appear again, and they will still have the rights, I have to do this 1-4 times for each member over and over again to make certain they have the titles they are intended.

(Corwin Dnari) #2

Just guessing, but it may be that your patience level does not match the time required for the database to update. :slight_smile: Maybe try waiting a little longer after the first “apply”.

(Sophie Mcgalien Hoeeg) #3

Did test that and no.
It even happens several days after the last change.

(system) #4

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