My corporation is glitched

I gave the most skilled member in my corporation access to role management.
He decided to make himself CEO with a vote while only he was online.
He removed all of my roles. Then, he gave me the CEO position back and left the corp.

Why is this a problem?
Now my character is stuck in a strange limbo. I cannot leave the corporation, it says I am the CEO and have all roles, but I am denied access to everything. I cannot edit the corp. I cannot manage roles.

Have any of you seen this before?
It is as though the game thinks I’m in an NPC Corporation.
Would anyone know how to fix this?

Leaving this in General would have gotten more replies.

gave him roles or gave him shares? sounds like you gave them shares which is a big huge no no.

I mean either way you probably screwed. guess the best next move would be put in a ticket for GM help closing the corp.

He cant vote if he doesnt have shares.

You’re right, I looked again, he started a vote to make him CEO, but it didn’t go through.
Still, he was able to lock me out of every thing. I submitted a ticket. No response yet.

Customer Support will not be able to change the CEO position of a corporation under any circumstances unless the request for the change comes from the current CEO of the corporation himself due to some inability to retire and select a successor themselves. Customer Support would also be unable to change the CEO of a corporation due to inactivity of the CEO

The current CEO will lose all access rights as soon as such a vote is successfully started and lose the role if more than 50% of the votes cast voted for the new CEO. Once the vote completes successfully, the new CEO will receive the CEO title immediately, but he won’t be able to fully use all rights for a few days after the vote completion. This is done to give the directors of the corporation a reaction window regarding corporation assets, in case the takeover happened with malicious intent. If a “Run for CEO” vote fails, the old CEO will regain all rights as soon as the vote ends.


Problem resolved. I’m really not sure what was happening.

Removed some off topic posts.

Ah, maan… Sometimes you’re a bit of a spoilsport, Barstorlode. :smiley:

I’m aware, but rules are rules, and I’m here to enforce them regardless of affiliation.

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fair nuff

corp rule #1 don’t give anyone shares

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Yes !

If you “OWN” the “corp”… Giving shares totally “OWNERS “ responsibility.

I had my own corp never gave shares to anyone…

I had also “ lead “ a community and tradition .
And I had shares… But I did not “Own “ because it was not a thing you can treat it like any corp , or thing in New Eden.

I think in his case its the first option … nothing glitched he just give his own corp away

Why do shares still exist? The only thing they are used for is screwing with new players. I mean sure you probably shouldn’t be running a Corp if you’re that new but there is no mechanical benefit to them.

Because nobody removed them, and probably it’s interfering with other functions, as always in this big CCP spaghetti universe…

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