My corp and my CO

Hi guys, players
I want to ask.
CCP banned CO The corporation I find myself in.
For over two months, he was told what he was banned for.
Support totally ignores it, the program says that it is already solved but nothing is happening.
They did not tell him what he was banned for.
Making our corporation inoperative.

Named CO in game it is Aleks Geten.
I want to ask it’s normal.
It will not come to normal.

I hope it could somehow solve this forum here because support probably has a lot of different work.

Sorry for translation but I am Czech and I do not know English.

All ticked send to CCP Support:

(Deputy CEO) 474950

Aleks Geten 456297, 454860 and 469526

There was no positive answer for these tickets, what and how.

Will probably be locked as you cant talk about bans here, I would probably try to send another support ticket as no one here can help you.

To perhaps some moderator might ask what the problem is because solving things over support does not cost.
The funny thing is that the CEO pays all his bills over the credit card.
And had or still paid them for a month in advance.

No one here has any idea why the ban happened.

No one here especially CCP is going to discuss it because it is against the rules.

If it was not your character that was banned it is unlikely that CCP will ever respond to your requests for information.

If you have stuff that was affected by the ban (can’t access it) petition a GM to have them move it for you.

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If the CEO is banned… Are there any active directors? If yes, have them check if there are corporate shares in the wallet. If there are, have the director take the shares, then start a vote to become the new CEO. They should be able to do this and become the CEO.

If there are no shares in the corp wallet, have a director file a stuck support ticket explaining the issue and requesting shares be added so they can reclaim the CEO position.

If there are no directors, you may be out of luck. Rob what you can and find a new corp because that one is officially dead in the water.

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Jamiror Jagr

If there is a director active,
Can call for a vote to replace the CEO?

This only works if the Director has shares in the corp.

The way it works is… A director can initiate A vote to become CEO.

Then anyone with shares in the corp who is also active in the corp, gets 1 vote per share. Whoever gets the most votes becomes CEO.

So say Bob is the CEO and has 10 shares.
Jim is a director with 5 shares.
Fred is a line member with 6 shares.
Sue has 200 shares but is not in corp anymore.

Jim initiates the vote and votes for himself. Bob and Fred do not vote. Sue is out of corp so can’t vote. Jim is the new CEO.

This is why you need shares and I suggested petitioning CCP if the CEO owned all the shares.