Corporation Notifications

Propose a slight change or addition to the Corporation Notifications currently when a member Joins a Corporation both CEO + Directors all get notified which is great as we can all track members, The CEO or Directors most likely will be in charge of monitoring members in their Corporation as well as non Eve programs such as Teamspeak Discord Mumble ect ect so when a member leaves their Corporation they obviously need to remove access to these programs.
The issue is currently only the CEO gets the member has left the Corporation notification so if the CEO isnt as active or its a Director that manages these things can very easily be missed.
The Director Role in the Corporation states can do everything a CEO can do with the exception of creating a new Director , surely this should also include receiving the same Corporation notifications as a CEO which is what change / additions I would propose.
I know there are other ways to do it check member lists ect but a simple notification XXX has left the Corporation makes things so much easier.

Anyone with personnel management should get player left notification not just directors.

No only CEO does , even contacted CCP support thinking may of been a bug and a GM confirmed that only CEO`s get that notification not Directors was actually them that suggested a post in here

I know… I was saying it should be changed to anyone with personnel management, rather than only expanding it to directors

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ahh yea totally agree, Larger corps and some smaller corps often isnt the CEO who manages members so whoever does that job Director or Member with specific roles like personnel management ideally would benefit from the notifications

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